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Seize the opportunity with an early launch on Apple Vision Pro. Turn your Apple Vision Pro concept into a high-quality app. We have over 13 years of experience in iOS development and 5 years of expertise in AR/VR creation.

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Expertise In AR/VR

Apple Vision Pro development lies at the crossroads of iOS and AR. We pair our years-long expertise in iOS with great AR and Unity skills to create immersive experiences. Over the years, we’ve built an impressive portfolio of XR products across industries.


Experience In Tech Feasibility

We’ve helped HyperloopTT, Jägermeister, and Magic Leap determine the feasibility of their immersive ideas, from extensive technology review to comprehensive product development workshops.


Access To PolySpatial

PolySpatial is Unity's dedicated, limited-access SDK for Apple Vision Pro. As a handful of developers globally, we use PolySpatial to build and test immersive prototypes and interactions for the best possible alignment between an idea and the Vision Pro headset.


Embedding Artificial Intelligence

We integrate AI technologies to maximize personalization in augmented reality applications. For example, to enable real-time responses to events or user behaviors. We can also use advanced object recognition techniques to amplify real-world interactions during AR sessions.


Honest development

We don’t paint the grass green but embrace the challenges with open minds, taking full responsibility. We expand toolkits and dig deeper to validate the product’s idea. At the core, we value being truly helpful in the long term over being salesy in the short term.


Responsible validation

We’re not afraid to tell a firm “no” to a project idea where data doesn’t support its success. Over the years, we’ve learned to recognize and advise on avoiding useless features, wrong business models, and unusable interfaces.

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Building an AR Assistant

The TaimXR chatbot gives users highly digestible summaries that let everyone learn more and faster. To generate the summaries of YouTube videos or long-form articles, Taim uses specially engineered prompts sent to GPT-3.5.

Working on the project, we extended our experience in Language Learning Models — we now have the prerequisite skills to transform how users interact with and consume information on Apple Vision Pro

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people working on a headset

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"The solution delivered by Nomtek has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all test users and has inspired confidence about the success of the project among their client’s internal team. They worked hard to deliver the solution ahead of schedule and communicates well at all times."

CMO, HyperloopTT

Our Process

What to expect after you contact us with.

Case Exploration

We carefully analyze the idea to pick an optimal technology stack for Apple Vision Pro and visionOS and create a sturdy environment for strategic implementation.

Custom Design

Unique designs created specifically for Apple Vision Pro help leverage the device’s features in different use cases. We believe in exploring spatial interactions and designs to for entirely new user experiences.

Prototype & Validation

Deep dive user testing with an actual product lets us run experiments that rely on Apple Vision Pro’s novel approach to user experience and interaction methods.

Implementation & Launch

After the prototype, we further refine spatial UX and prepare the application for a successful launch as soon as Vision Pro is released.

Our AR/VR Portfolio

Explore practical applications of augmented reality in use cases across industries.

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a person wearing a headset
a person wearing a headset
a person wearing a headset

Taim Spatial

Porting a mobile application to Apple Vision Pro

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an operation room with an active surgery
an operation room with an active surgery
an operation room with an active surgery


Reducing the time and effort developers spend to check how changes in the code affect VR simulations‍

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product presentation in agumented reality
product presentation in agumented reality
product presentation in agumented reality
Augmented Reality


Using augmented reality to boost a feasibility study for an innovative transportation system conceptualized by Elon Musk

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two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
Augmented Reality

XR Interpreter

Designing a new way of communication using augmented reality

"Apple Vision Pro not only molds the future landscape of AR/VR but also charts a course toward new frontiers in digital interaction, development, and immersion."

Jan Solecki, Senior Account Executive at Nomtek

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