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Create a new reality on Apple Vision Pro with a partner with  7+ years of experience in AR/VR technologies. We help innovators develop spatial computing apps swiftly.

Our AR & VR development tech stack
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Steady Product Development With Scalable Teams

Secure your Position On The Market

Reinforce innovation with a highly immersive spatial computer that blends the real world with digital elements. Apple Vision Pro is a gateway for industry leaders to stay ahead of the pack. Our partnership equips you with a creative team of XR designers and developers.

Work with A challenging Thought partner to get better outcomes

It’s difficult to find a reliable development partner, especially in a niche such as AR/VR. We prioritize honest project advice, even if it means telling a firm “no” to a project idea where data doesn’t support its success.

Validate Early To Minimize Risk And Optimize Budget

During years spent working on projects, we’ve honed idea validation to draw product conclusions faster. We create pivot options or core feature reconsiderations that optimize the budget and paint a clear path forward.

Leverage AI For Greater User Engagement

We integrate AI technologies to maximize personalization in spatial computing apps. Enabling real-time responses to events or user behavior increases user engagement and retention. Use advanced object recognition techniques to amplify real-world interactions during AR sessions.

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Why Go Spatial With Nomtek

Creating spatial apps for Apple Vision Pro depends on a skillful pairing of AR/VR technologies with existing iOS development environment. Our team combines over 15 years of iOS development expertise with more than 7 years dedicated to AR/VR technologies. Reduce development skill gaps and product uncertainties.


Years of iOS mobile app development


Years of AR/VR development experience


Mobile native products and cross-platform apps


XR projects completed

"Nomtek gave us on-point advice on the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro well before the device officially entered the market. They have immense knowledge and experience in spatial computing app development. The team delivered the proof of concept in days, thoroughly exploring the idea within the available features of Apple Vision Pro. Project transparency and the daily demos were exemplary."

Carlo Matic
Carlo Matic, CEO of Interactive Pioneers

"The solution delivered by Nomtek has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all test users and has inspired confidence about the success of the project among their client’s internal team. They worked hard to deliver the solution ahead of schedule and communicates well at all times."

Rob Miller
Rob Miller, CMO, HyperloopTT

Save time when working in Apple Vision Pro

We built the Taim Spatial chatbot to explore Apple's spatial computing ecosystem even before Apple Vision Pro headset was officially released. Working on the project internally, we learned how to navigate the visionOS SDK and integrate it with language learning models to transform how users consume information on Apple Vision Pro.

The Taim Spatial chatbot generates highly digestible summaries that let everyone learn more and faster. Taim Spatial uses specially engineered prompts sent to GPT-3.5. to generate the summaries of YouTube videos or long-form articles.

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taim by nomtek


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Our AR/VR Portfolio

Build digital solutions designed for ease of navigation, aesthetic appeal, and user retention.

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a person wearing a headset
a person wearing a headset
a person wearing a headset
Full-Cycle Service

Porting a content summarization mobile application to Apple Vision Pro

Taim Spatial

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an operation room with an active surgery
an operation room with an active surgery
an operation room with an active surgery
Augmented Reality

Reducing the time and effort developers spend to check how changes in the code affect VR simulations‍


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product presentation in agumented reality
product presentation in agumented reality
product presentation in agumented reality
Augmented Reality

Boosting a feasibility study for an innovative transportation system conceptualized by Elon Musk

HyperloopTT & Magic Leap

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two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
two men working on a digital engine in augmented reality
Augmented Reality

Designing a new way of communication using augmented reality and Magic Leap

XR Interpreter

Apple Vision Pro Use Cases

With its powerful spatial computing features, Apple Vision Pro has many use cases in a wide variety of industries. See a conceptual collection of use cases created by our team.

These product ideas showcase our engineering competences and application delivery capabilities. The goal is to inspire companies by illustrating the potential benefits of utilizing the Apple Vision Pro platform in projects.

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Immersive VR Indoor Cycling

Augmented Neurosurgery

Virtual Fashion Showroom

Farm Everywhere


To build great experiences and products, we consult with industry leaders in XR technologies. Collecting insights and sharing knowledge, we stay true to our belief in this technology’s potential to refine workflows and processes.

In 2023, we joined the Meta Connect conference, an exclusive event for global experts in the XR creator community. We explored new tools, provided feedback, and participated in workshops to share our XR expertise. Beyond this, we've attended other AR/VR events like Developer Day in Berlin, AWE meetup in Vienna, and a recent Hackathon in London — all to keep in sync with Meta's advancements in XR.

We're part of Qualcomm’s Pathfinder Program, where we explore the Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform to prototype advanced augmented reality solutions. Leveraging Snapdragon Spaces, we created StickiesXR, a Figma prototype turning 2D workflows into extended reality experiences. The Snapdragon Spaces SDK enabled StickiesXR to adapt to physical spaces and generate immersive sessions.

In 2019, we were among the first in Europe to partner with Magic Leap, leveraging their innovative LuminOS and MagicScript. Since then, we’ve facilitated a pivotal feasibility study for HyperloopTT using Magic Leap technology and developed several immersive applications for their headset. As a key development partner, we’re continuously refining our expertise and advancing Magic Leap’s technology.

In 2022, we were invited to showcase an XR installation at the Infinity Festival, in collaboration with Londubh Studio, an LA-based artist duo. Sponsored by giants like HP, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, Infinity Festival unites entertainment and tech leaders. Our VR app — YOND — reached the finals in the Immersive Digital Art category for the Innovation Award at MAD Awards 2023, hosted by Interior Design Magazine.

Our Process

What to expect after you contact us with.

Case Exploration

We carefully analyze the idea to pick an optimal technology stack for the Apple Vision Pro hardware and visionOS and create a sturdy environment for strategic implementation.

Custom Design

Unique designs created specifically for Apple Vision Pro help leverage the device’s features in different use cases. We believe in exploring spatial interactions and designs to for entirely new user experiences.

Prototype & Validation

Deep dive user testing with an actual product lets us run experiments that rely on Apple Vision Pro’s novel approach to user experience and interaction methods.

Implementation & Launch

After the prototype, we further refine spatial UX and prepare the application for a successful launch as soon as Vision Pro is released.

Insights On Apple Vision Pro

Sharing our experience in mobile and AR/VR product design and development.

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