Farm Everywhere

Apple Vision Pro Application Concept

Use Case Overview

Farm Everywhere is an idea for a suite of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) smart farming applications that can improve three areas in agricultural production today.

From the vantage point of a farmer, these are:

1) hands-free and intuitive environment interaction

2) showing very complex data right where it’s needed, making it easier to understand and interact with

3) creating safe, data-driven environments that facilitate forecasting and experimentation for improved farm productivity and lower production costs.

In this concept, apps designed for Apple Vision Pro serve as the interface for a complex system of sensors running as part of the Agriculture Internet-of-Things (IoT), a market estimated to exceed over $18 billion by 2026. Farming equipment manufacturers could capture some of that dynamically growing market by building precision agriculture technologies and enriching their offering with brand-new modes of immersive, intuitive, and data-driven interactions powered by artificial intelligence.

This is a conceptual demonstration created by Nomtek. It is intended to inspire by illustrating the potential benefits of utilizing Apple Vision Pro - a new, fascinating technology whose positive impact will be large but is yet to be discovered. It is also intended to show Nomtek's engineering competences and application delivery capabilities.

Heavy Machinery
Environment Meshing
Store Real World Locations Across App Sessions

Source: Midjourney

Source: Midjourney


Using AR and VR to bring the most out of contextual interactions and intuitive environments to create remote precision farming.

Hands-free interaction in real-time

Implementing augmented reality technology for tractors, drones, and other farming equipment to show key information and operation guidance in real time. With intuitive, hands-free interaction, farmers are no longer confined to their desktops and limited by bulky flat-screen tablets to efficiently operate their equipment.

Contextual insights

Spatial computing can also be used to contextually overlay digital information, such as soil maps, crop growth models, and yield predictions, onto the physical environment.

Advanced data collection, visualization, and interaction

Displaying real-time data from field sensors on an interactive 3D farm map, showing a complex system of parameters, including soil conditions, crop health, and key environmental factors, in an immersive, intuitive, and user-friendly way.

Source: Midjourney

Value for Farmers

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Enhanced productivity

With intuitive interfaces at their fingertips, available even when they’re away, farmers can better visualize and understand very complex data coming from multiple sources in the field. This leads to more efficient resource management and timely interventions, thus increasing the overall productivity of the farm.

Greater efficiency of day-to-day operations

AR-powered contextualized insights and hands-free control of the equipment contribute to improved efficiency of everyday operations and better on-site decision-making. An AR navigation system can enable farmers to optimize farming operations remotely and improve crop production.

Farm safety through virtual training

VR simulations can train farmers on safety protocols and emergency procedures by recreating hazardous farming scenarios, such as operating heavy machinery or handling chemicals. This reduces  the risk of accidents and injuries on the farm and the need for physical infrastructure for training purposes.

Source: Midjourney

Value for Companies

Farming equipment manufacturers can additionally utilize VR and AR technologies to make farmers more proficient in operating the equipment as well as providing timely, context-aware, and efficient support.

Training and education

VR simulations can be used to provide comprehensive training for the end-users of farming equipment. By simulating real-world scenarios in a virtual environment, manufacturers can ensure that users are proficient in equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, effectively reducing downtime and improving overall equipment performance.

Remote assistance and support

In turn, AR technology can facilitate remote assistance and support for equipment users. Technicians can use AR-powered headsets to overlay digital information onto physical equipment in the field, guiding farmers through troubleshooting procedures, maintenance tasks, and repairs in real-time. This enhances customer support capabilities and reduces the need for on-site visits on remotely located farms.

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