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Build mobile applications that run across devices. We have senior developers aboard, skilled in native and cross-platform mobile app development.

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Full-Stack Application Development

Leverage the expertise of seasoned full-stack teams to build sticky products. We prioritize your objectives and ensure transparency throughout the process for timely project completion and clear communication.

Pursuing mutual goals

Experience partnership built on transparency with regular updates and a highly collaborative approach. We set up a team that works together to hit your goals and refine your product with every iteration.

Working with flexible teams

Execute swiftly with cross-functional teams, combining the skills of developers, designers, and product managers. We tailor the development process individually to stay within budget and deliver on time even when requirements change.

Releasing outcomes

Prioritize an outcome-focused approach where your project goals and results align with each iteration. We meticulously analyze every step in your product’s lifecycle to draw insights that ensure the final product positively reflects KPIs.

"Nomtek works with our in-house team, joining dailies and weekly planning meetings. They constantly keep in touch with our lead engineers through Slack. They are flexible and pragmatic. Plus, they understand the urgency of delivering high-quality work at reasonable speed."

Omar Moling, Senior Product Owner at Ricardo

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Pursuing great partnerships, we’ve helped companies work out kinks
in their product’s journey to success.


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Tech Feasibility Workshop

Limit uncertainty and risk in product development. Our simple, highly iterative approach checks technology against a specific use case to give you confidence in further developing you project.

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Go beyond the obvious. Co-create with teams who value impactful experiences and products.

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app screen Lighticians
app screen Lighticians
app screen Lighticians
Mobile Development

Better control of lights on video sets


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trip planning toll app screen Uproad
trip planning toll app screen Uproad
trip planning toll app screen Uproad
Mobile Development

Simplified toll management for smoother trips


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