Lighticians are a team of experts in lighting for video production. The company approached us to work on a highly specialized project: to build an app for controlling lights and fixtures remotely.

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Lighticians, that is, Tim Duff, Richard Ulivella, and Michael McDonald have been in the film industry for over 20 years. They’ve worked on sets of many studio productions — e.g., Younger, House of Cards, Greater, and Pitch Perfect.

What was the problem_

Working on a movie set often involves the operation of lighting fixtures from different manufacturers. The process is cumbersome and inefficient, even though many manufacturers provide apps for controlling their equipment.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the film industry, Lighticians created a wireless router — Apollo Bridge — that enables connection between different lighting fixtures. But the company still lacked a mobile app that would let lighting professionals control the lights.

How did we solve the problem_

Lighticians needed an intuitive app that would respond to the dynamics of video production. Most importantly, they needed a solution that would enclose the robust power of the Apollo Bridge controller in a convenient app.

The app would facilitate the operation of all lighting equipment, regardless of a manufacturer.

DMX Mapping

Thanks to custom DMX mapping, users gain precise control over DMX-compatible lights. Different setups can be saved for easy access.

Color Wheel & Swatches

Advanced light controls let users define saturation, hue, and color temperature for a dynamic and highly customizable experience.

Saved Scenes

Robust scene profiles help light professionals manage their light setups and stay organized during shooting.

What was the scope of the project_

When Lighticians came to us, they had a proof of concept that proved the wireless DMX technology was possible. They also had the first version of their application built by a different agency. The app was buggy and poorly designed.

We started our work with a UX/UI audit. During the audit, we identified what exactly didn’t work and needed to be redesigned. 

Equipped with that data, we launched short product design workshops to build an app that would encapsulate the complexity of light control within limited screen space.

What was the business outcome_

An easy and intuitive mobile application for remote light control available for iPhone and iPad.

Built on the language of professional lighting, the app gives lighting professionals a seamless and detailed control of light. Lighticians Apollo Control lets users save lighting profiles for different projects and set advanced lighting options with switches, sliders, and a convenient color wheel.

Recently, Lighticians approached us to work on the next stage of the app. Since lighting control is a complex art, we’ll be expanding the features and design.

Apollo Bridge powers professional lighting equipment such as Litepanels.

"They have a positive attitude and are very collaborative."
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Timothy Duff
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