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Use Case Overview

Virtual Showroom is an innovative app designed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro, offering users an immersive 360-degree live streaming experience of the world’s leading fashion shows. This represents a significant step in the digital transformation of the fashion industry, showcasing how technology can revolutionize the way fashion is presented and consumed. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, Virtual Showroom serves as a prime example of a digital showroom, transporting fashion enthusiasts right into the heart of the runway, allowing them to view collections from every angle in stunning detail and real-time.

NOTE: This is a product idea for a virtual showroom application driven by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We’re using the example of premium clothing but AR fashion house could work for fashion brands specializing in jewelry and other luxury wearables.

State of AR and Virtual Showrooms in Fashion Marketing

As spatial computing and augmented reality edge toward mainstream adoption, 49.55 percent of business owners plan to use Apple Vision Pro for brand marketing, according to AR Insider. Of those e-commerce (78.85 percent), fashion (77.08 percent), and healthcare (71.96 percent) are the verticals that attract the most interest for developing immersive Vision Pro experiences.

The fashion industry itself is undergoing a paradigm shift, with Millennials and Generation Z consumers projected to drive 70% of luxury goods purchases by 2025, according to a Bain & Company research. This digitally-native demographic, entering the luxury market earlier than previous generations, expects brands to adapt their offerings and marketing strategies to meet these evolving preferences.

The adoption of augmented reality by fashion brands is revolutionizing the shopping experience, blurring the lines between digital and physical realms:

1) Burberry, a pioneer in digital innovation, launched an AR shopping tool that enables customers to visualize how its products look in their space, enhancing the decision-making process. This innovation contrasts sharply with the traditional method of showcasing products in a physical showroom, offering a refreshing alternative for retail buyers and consumers alike.

2) Adidas followed suit, integrating AR into its mobile app to allow customers to virtually try on sneakers, a move that not only elevated the online shopping experience but also reduced return rates.

3) Sephora’s Virtual Artist app uses AR technology to let users try on makeup from the comfort of their homes, providing a personalized and interactive shopping experience.

These examples illustrate the transformative impact of AR in fashion, offering brands a novel way to engage with consumers, personalize the shopping experience, and merge online with offline worlds. Moreover, these technologies cater to the needs of retail buyers looking for new collections, enabling them to make purchase orders and schedule virtual appointments to explore and purchase new products or collections.

An opportunity for immersive Fashion shows

Combining many art forms, fashion shows celebrate creativity and imagination — Vision Pro can make them come to life for those who can't attend physically. Two recent shows that nobody can stop talking about, and for good reason, are Marc Jacobs and Maison Margiela couture. Whereas Jacobs made an impact through proportions and perspective (the show marked his brand’s 40th anniversary), John Galliano transfixed and transported at Margiela. With Apple Vision Pro you’d be able to see Galliano’s exquisite handwork up close, and experience his models’ broken-doll walks and glass faces more clearly.

VR and AR can help such brands bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, democratize fashion while preserving the exclusivity and luxury experience associated with their products.

Target Audience

Virtual Showroom aims to revolutionize the way fashion shows are experienced, making the exclusive and captivating world of runway fashion accessible to anyone, anywhere. By combining the immersive capabilities of Apple Vision Pro with the glamour and creativity of the fashion industry, Virtual Showroom sets a new standard for virtual event experiences.

1) Fashion enthusiasts — Individuals passionate about fashion and staying ahead with the latest trends.

2) Design students — Students pursuing fashion design who seek inspiration and practical insights into the industry.

3) Industry professionals — Fashion designers, models, and brand representatives looking to scout new talent and trends.

4) Tech-savvy consumers — Early adopters of technology, especially augmented and virtual reality platforms.

This is a conceptual demonstration created by Nomtek. It is intended to inspire by illustrating the potential benefits of utilizing Apple Vision Pro - a new, fascinating technology whose positive impact will be large but is yet to be discovered. It is also intended to show Nomtek's engineering competences and application delivery capabilities.

3D Video
4K Displays
In-app Purchases
Hand Gestures
Color Management

Source: Midjourney

Source: Midjourney

Features of Digital Showroom Software

By leveraging AR technology to power the sophisticated digital showroom software, the app allows customers to explore and interact with high-end fashion through an experience that’s intuitive and engaging. This software is designed to simplify the wholesale buying process, manage online catalogs, and enable seamless ordering and payment transactions, offering novel opportunities for a contextualized and bespoke purchase from the comfort of one’s home.

Live 360-degree streaming

Users can watch live fashion shows in 360 degrees, choosing their viewpoint to focus on designs, models, or the audience reaction. This feature is enhanced with spatial audio, providing an immersive experience that replicates the realistic sound of fashion shows, making viewers feel as if they are truly part of the event.

Interactive runway

Features like zoom, pause, and replay allow users to closely inspect the details of each outfit and accessory.

Behind-the-scenes content

Exclusive access to backstage preparations, post-show interviews, and designer commentary, enriching the live show experience.

Virtual Reality showrooms

Post-show, users can explore collections in virtual showrooms, where they can see and learn more about each piece in detail.

Interactive 3D Models

Interactive 3D models browsing through an array of clothing presented as 3D models that can be rotated, enlarged, and interactively explored in the finest detail.

Access To Limited Editions And Prototypes

Gaining exclusive access and previews of limited-edition models as well as those still in the design phase to gauge the customers’ interest.

Source: Midjourney

Value for Customers Through Immersive Shopping Apps

Leverage the expertise of seasoned full-stack teams to build sticky products. We prioritize your objectives and ensure transparency throughout the process for timely project completion and clear communication.


The ability to virtually attend global fashion shows that would otherwise be inaccessible due to location, cost, or invite-only restrictions.


Feeling part of the exclusive world of fashion, breaking down barriers between high fashion and fashion enthusiasts. Experience exclusive experience of sitting front row on a fashion show. This app also allows users to experience high fashion within their own physical space, breaking down the traditional barriers of needing to be in a specific location to enjoy such experiences.


Engaging with fashion shows in ways beyond passive viewing, such as exploring detailed views of garments and accessories.


Gaining insights into fashion trends, design techniques, and industry dynamics directly from designers and behind-the-scenes content.


Connecting with a global community of fashion lovers, sharing experiences, and discussing trends and shows.


Enjoying fashion shows and content on demand, without the need to align with live show schedules or travel.


Receiving curated content based on personal style preferences, favorite designers, and past viewing habits.

Immersive Experience

Experiencing fashion shows in a more vivid and immersive way than traditional 2D viewing platforms allow. The app provides access to a vast digital library of fashion shows and collections, offering an unparalleled assortment of fashion content.

Source: Midjourney

Value for fashion brands

The Virtual Showroom app streamlines the sales process for fashion brands, making it easier to connect with B2B buyers and retail partners. The app lets any fashion brands showcase products.

Global Reach

Expanding the audience for fashion shows beyond the physical venue to a global online audience, the app helps fashion brands expand their wholesale business to a global online audience.

Brand Engagement

Enhancing brand engagement through interactive and immersive experiences, deepening the connection with current and potential customers.

Market Insights

Gathering valuable data on viewer preferences, engagement levels, and feedback for future collections and marketing strategies.

Innovation Leadership

Demonstrating leadership in adopting new technologies and platforms to showcase fashion in innovative ways.

Customer Conversion

Leveraging virtual showrooms and direct links to e-commerce platforms to convert viewer interest into sales and reducing unsold stock.

Community Building

Building a dedicated community of brand advocates and engaging with them through exclusive content and interactive features.


By transitioning to digital showrooms, the app supports sustainability efforts, reducing the carbon footprint associated with physical shows and aligning with growing consumer expectations for sustainable practices.

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