Who's Using Flutter? App Examples Across Industries

Ever since Google introduced the Flutter mobile app SDK, it became the core of many prominent cross-platform mobile apps. With its rising popularity, apps built with Flutter continue to grow in numbers. Let’s look at highly popular and successful mobile apps built with Flutter and how Flutter's robust functionalities have contributed to their success.

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Flutter App Examples in 2021

How Many Flutter Apps Are There?

When Google released Flutter 1.20, reports indicated that the number of Flutter-built apps available on Play Store increased from 50,000 to 90,000. By the time Flutter 2 was released in March 2021, there were more than 150,000 Flutter apps on Play Store, and we can predict that it will continue to rise with its increasing popularity.

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What Popular Apps Are Made with Flutter?

Xianyu by Alibaba

If you love shopping for second-hand goods, you might have heard about Xianyu. The Xianyu app, which belongs to Alibaba Group, is a popular shopping app in China that lets people buy and sell second-hand goods. This ecommerce platform has everything that individuals and business owners need. For example, product listings with images and descriptions, product marketing, merchandise browsing, and star rating.

When Xianyu was looking for a better mobile solution, the company looked for a tool that would let it build an app quickly. With their decision to use Flutter, the team created the intuitive Xianyu app for iOS and Android faster. Flutter also helped reduce screen loading time by half compared to the previous app. Moreover, the hot reload feature immensely helped accelerate development.

The Xianyu app now has more than 50 million downloads and 10 million active daily users.

Xianyu app by Alibaba
Xianyu app by Alibaba. Source: Pandaily

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a cloud-based video game streaming service that lets you stream games on a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet. What made this app so popular among gamers?

In 2019, John McDole, the leading UI engineer at Google Stadia, said they used Flutter to build the Stadia mobile app. According to their blog post, the Stadia controller setup was one of the most complicated parts of the mobile app. But Flutter made writing and maintaining Stadia's controller setup a more manageable task.

Google Stadia App video game streaming
Google Stadia app is video game streaming. Source: Dribble

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform. The team at Google Ads picked Flutter to ensure the app’s high performance and smooth real-time ad campaign tracking.

Google ads App for advertising

Google Ads app for advertising. Source: SEJ

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a popular Flutter app among car enthusiasts. eBay Motors lets you buy and sell motor vehicles, purchase accessories and parts, comment on vehicle listings, and connect with other car enthusiasts.

By implementing Flutter into the mobile tech stack, the company managed to provide a consistent user experience across iOS and Android. Their app development team now has a single codebase to maintain and any new features can be deployed rapidly. Choosing Flutter improved the team’s productivity, exceeding their expectations.

eBay motors app built with flutter
eBay Motors app for buying and selling vehicles. Source: Flutter App World

New York Times

The New York Times used Flutter to develop their highly popular puzzle games on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web with a single codebase. Today, millions of daily users play the games, which are one of the company's top revenue sources.

The popular Kenken puzzles from The New York Times.

My BMW App

Any BMW enthusiast knows how useful My BMW App is for any BMW vehicle. The app lets users lock or unlock the car, locate it, and monitor it using a 3-D view. 

Because of the Flutter framework, supporting a single codebase for iOS and Android has been a great experience for the developers at BMW. By March 2021, BMW was able to add new functionalities and make them available across five different continents. Thanks to its Flutter-based architecture, the BMW Group is becoming the leading automotive app developer and provider.

my BWM app
My BMW App gives drivers key info about their cars. Source: BMW

Topline Abbey Road Studios

Topline by Abbey Road Studios is the first music application that lets music creators save their ideas the moment they appear. The users can record music tracks, add lyrics, share and sync them to the cloud. 

The app was developed in ten weeks. And because Flutter made it possible to overcome the audio latency issue in Topline Android app, the achievement was published in Flutter Developer Stories. In 2018, Topline won the top UK app award. 


Based in Santa Clara, California, Realtor.com is a popular real estate company and  the second most visited real estate listings website in 2021. Until mid-2019, their organizational model had two separate Android and iOS development teams and codebases, which became an overhead later. After recognizing the benefits of having a single codebase, the company started implementing new features using Flutter’s Add to App feature.

Adding Flutter to the existing mobile apps brought many benefits. For example, it freed their web developers from having to learn two new languages and frameworks. Moreover, the ability to develop features for both iOS and Android at once increased their productivity. Feature release and code changes now require only half developers than earlier.

Realtor.com app
Realtor.com app is a top real estate listing app. Source: Google Play


Sonos is a popular speaker system that uses your WiFi to stream music from famous music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. You can use the free Sonos app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC and set up the speaker system. The setting up part is the most daunting task, and Sonos developers have been trying to make that experience better for you.

In 2020, with a new release Sonos announced they integrated Flutter into their existing app. Now Sonos has a modern and reliable interface that includes animations and transitions that show users how to set up and interact with Sonos products.

Sonos App
Sonos app lets you connect your wifi to stream music. Source: The Verge


Are you trying intermittent fasting (IF) to manage your weight? The Fastic app makes it easier to track your IF efforts.

With Flutter onboard, Fastic has a clean interface where you can plan and track your fasting tasks. The app has useful progress-tracking features like a fasting timer, nutrition tracker, water intake monitor, and step counter.

Fasting has over 17 million downloads, which makes it the number one fasting tracker app.

The Fastic app lets you track and monitor intermittent fasting. Source: Fastic


Watermaniac enables you to track your daily water intake. You can see your intake history, set goals for your water intake, and set reminders. Using Flutter, the developers can make updates to the app quickly. Maintenance is also simple with Flutter. Depending on future needs, the application can be extended to work on other platforms, e.g., iOS.

Watermaniac App
Track your water intake using Watermaniac. Source: Ed Tech Fitness


Betterment is an online investing company that provides investment and financial advice. The Betterment team needed a solution that would help them better manage their mobile codebase. With Flutter’s add-to-app feature, Betterment connected the new code to its native codebase without impacting the customer experience. 

Today Betterment has over 500,000 user accounts and 26 billion assets under management.

Betterment App
Betterment provides investment and financial advice. Source: Betterment

Music Tutor

Music Tutor helps you learn how to read sheet music and improve your listening skills and sight-reading abilities. You can develop your musical skills during timed sessions.

Thanks to Flutter, Music Tutor could be released to the market quickly. The framework makes the maintenance of the app for iOS and Android easy with a single codebase. Flutter also keeps the performance on an optimal, near-native level.

Music reader App
Music Tutor built with Flutter lets you learn and read sheet music easy. Source: Aptoide

Flutter: Good Choice for Cross-Platform App Development

The article features only a handful of apps built with Flutter. Check out Flutter’s official showcase for more. Flutter is a great choice for building visually attractive iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. And if your product needs it, you can also use the same codebase for websites and Windows, Mac, and Linux apps. If you can’t decide between Flutter or React Native, read our in-depth comparison of the two technologies.

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