VR Car Configurator

Apple Vision Pro Application Concept

Use Case Overview

The automotive industry is being transformed by quickly-evolving mobility needs, technological disruptions, and a focus on electrification, digitalization, and autonomous driving. With customer preferences shifting toward personalized travel experiences, car manufacturers are looking to harness new technologies to remain relevant on the dynamically changing competitive landscape.

VR Car Configurator is a product idea that could help premium car manufacturers retain their competitive edge by employing the power of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Intended for Apple Vision Pro, the state-of-the-art spatial computing headset, this app allows car buyers to explore and customize their dream vehicle without the need to be physically present at the dealership. In turn, such immersive and personalized experiences can help car manufacturers improve the time and cost efficiency of their sales and marketing operations, plus drive sales and increase brand attachment among their customers.

This is a conceptual demonstration created by Nomtek. It is intended to inspire by illustrating the potential benefits of utilizing Apple Vision Pro - a new, fascinating technology whose positive impact will be large but is yet to be discovered. It is also intended to show Nomtek's engineering competences and application delivery capabilities.

Fancy Non-Standard 3D Effects
Accurate Color Reproduction
Playing and Streaming Content

Source: Midjourney

Source: Midjourney


Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing power creates high-fidelity interactive virtual experiences, where customers can customize automotive interiors and exteriors and conveniently connect with the manufacturer’s salesforce whenever they feel like moving forward with the purchase.

Virtual showroom

Thanks to the VR-enabled spatial experiences, customers can enjoy life-like viewing sessions to familiarize themselves with the car’s proportions, interior design, and details, experiencing the look and feel of the vehicle as if they were there in person.

Interactive 3D car models

VR also allows customers to interact with a given car model, for example by using some of the onboard equipment or gauging noise levels at higher speeds thanks to spatial sound.

Contextualized appointment scheduling

While exploring different cars at their own pace and convenience, customers can schedule context-sensitive appointments whenever they’re ready to communicate with a consultant or finalize the transaction, either online or at the dealership.

Source: Midjourney

Value for customers

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Personalized and tailored vehicle

With VR’s high-fidelity visualizations, customers can customize every aspect of their vehicle, from exterior colors and finishes to interior features and accessories, allowing them to create a personalized driving experience while reducing guesswork and uncertainty about the purchase.

Convenient and interactive process

Using the Apple Vision Pro headset customers can access VR Car Configurator anytime, anywhere — this makes for an extremely convenient and time-efficient car-buying process that is additionally enriched by the customers’ ability to interact with sales assistants whenever they need them.

Engagement and attachment

Whether they are exploring design options, sharing their creations with friends and family, or simply enjoying the immersive experience, customers can use this app to enhance their overall enjoyment of the car-buying process, thus also forming a stronger attachment to the brand.

Source: Midjourney

Value for Manufacturers & Dealerships

In turn, car manufacturers and dealerships can benefit from a virtual showroom by boosting sales conversion, reducing operational costs, and gaining valuable information on customer preferences.

Increased Sales and Conversions

As customers visualize and customize their vehicles in a virtual environment, they feel confident in their choices and are more likely to commit to a well-considered and satisfying purchase, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales for the manufacturers.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

A virtual car configurator can streamline the vehicle demonstration and customization process, reducing the need for physical prototypes, costly showroom displays, and in-person consultations, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency of the sales and marketing operations.

Data Insights and Analytics

Where there are customer choices, there is data — VR Car Configurator would provide valuable insights and analytics into customer preferences, trends, and behaviors, allowing manufacturers to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and tailor their products and marketing strategies accordingly.

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