Audioburst is an AI-based personalized audio news search engine with playlists. Nomtek worked with Audioburst to help the company build mobile and car audio apps.

Artificial intelligence



Audioburst created an AI-powered system that searches through a vast audio content library to index and segment valuable pieces. Audioburst’s technology uses natural language processing and speech recognition to deliver highly personalized listening experiences with short-form audio content.

What was the problem_

Initially, Audioburst was operating as a web solution only. But the idea quickly took off among users, who appreciated the personalized audio stream with news and podcasts. Soon, the company looked to expand and start delivering its offer via mobile applications.

How did we solve the problem_

Audioburst needed a highly usable and performant app that could leverage the huge potential of the AI-based audio content search engine. Since we already worked with Audioburst’s CEO in the past, he chose us again to design and develop mobile apps.


Playlists on any topic, for any mood.


Customize your listening experience with AI algorithms that learn what you like.


Voice search for any topic.

What was the scope of the project_

Our partnership started with developing a mobile app for Android, but soon enough the project expanded. In the end, we were asked to design and develop native apps for iOS, CarPlay, and Android Auto.

We built all apps from scratch, working on the design, backend, and QA testing.

What was the business outcome_

Intuitive and highly usable apps for Android, iOS, Android Auto, and CarPlay. The apps feature voice recognition for seamless on-the-go experiences. Users can create personalized playlists, which the app itself later refines with matching content.

Equipped with apps made by Nomtek, Audioburst was among the first three companies that integrated with the Android Automotive car infotainment system.

The company plows ahead in its strategic partnerships, expanding into smart speakers, wearable tech, and in-car infotainment.

We consider them a partner, not just a vendor.
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