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Quickback — PWA made by nomtek for better transparency

Katarzyna Sapeta
Quality Assurance Engineer
Product Development
Mobile Development

How many times, during the meeting, we have some thoughts which we want to share with others, but we are unsure if it is a good idea or we don’t want to interrupt a presentation? It would be perfect to work in a company where everyone has an opportunity to express their own opinion without worrying about being judged.

Furthermore, how many times do we feel that during a meeting we could collect better conclusions, if our employees would write their own observations and ideas regarding specific topics even if they disagree with presented solutions or concepts?

The fundamentals required for achieving success are knowing what the best decisions are, and making those decisions consciously. According to Ray Dalio, there are three main things you need to have in order to support better decision making:

“First, put your honest thoughts on the table with other people putting their honest thoughts on the table.
Second, have thoughtful disagreement. Approach that with curiosity. Maybe I’m wrong. If two people disagree, one person is probably wrong. How do you know that person isn’t you? To make sure it’s not you, have quality, thoughtful disagreement.
Third, if a disagreement remains, you have to have a way of getting past that. There’s no relationship that doesn’t sometimes have disagreement. For me there’s only two things I want from people and I want to give them: reasonableness and consideration. I don’t have to always get what I want. If I have those things, I can have a good relationship with somebody.”

Transparency and sharing your own opinion is very important at Nomtek, and we decided to make our own tool which will be used during meetings. Moreover, we will be able to collect feedback on important topics anonymously, thanks to it.

The Quickback is a PWA, free online tool which has been developed by our team as part of a Nomtek Labs project. Below you can find information how to create an event in Quickback and how to use it.

When we want to create an event we need to log in first, next we should select a type of event: private or public and add the name describing the topic. We also need to select short or long type for events in order to let people know how long the discussion will be open and how quickly we want to gather the feedback.

The Quickback enables links sharing and starting a conversation with a selected group of people. We do not need to be logged in to join the conversation.

We can see a list of live meetings where we can still add some comments to opened events. We are also able to go back to ended events where we can check historical conversations.

To sum up, thanks to the Quickback you can:

After a few months of using the Quickback, we have determined that this is a very useful tool, but sometimes it would be great to see who added the comment when the discussion is intense. Furthermore, during our internal meetings the Quickback is checked and if some questions have been added to the presented topic than the speaker can go back to those questions when necessary.

Thanks for reading! 😊 If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it to help others find it.

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