AR Smart Packaging for E-Commerce


After we released Gebraucht’s mobile commerce app, we used data analytics to identify improvement opportunities in the selling process. The data showed that users spent a lot of time measuring their packages. We used augmented reality to cut the measurement time and make the process more efficient.

Augmented Reality


AR Smart Packaging for E-Commerce

The owners of Gebraucht wanted to streamline how customers purchased and sold used and vintage items., available for iOS and Android, quickly picked up traction after release. Stefan and Oliver, Gebraucht’s owners, were eager from the start to find ways how to improve the selling process for the customers.

a man packing a shipment

What was the challenge_

By analyzing the analytics generated from in-app use, we found that the process for sending packages was problematic at the sender-courier service stage for an average user. Measuring and picking the right size of the box generated several problems and inconveniences:

  • measuring packages manually resulted in time waste
  • giving the measurements to the parcel service via their portal also took a lot of time
  • providing the parcel service with erroneous measurements caused the courier to arrive with inappropriate packaging — time and money waste

How did we solve the challenge_

The process of measuring packages had to be streamlined to maximize efficiency. We came up with an AR-based component: an intuitive overlay allowing users to preview and select an optimal box size for shipment. 

The AR component would let the user quickly measure the package through augmented reality algorithms. The overlay would make it possible to preview and select the optimal box size for shipping the desired contents.

four screenshots side by side of the smart packaging AR feature app
screenshot of the scanning feature

Package Scanning

AR Smart Packaging scans the package using the phone's cameras and sensors.

Depth Mesh

The depth scanner ensures the package is accurately measured.

Automatic Measurement Input

The feature outputs correct package measurements that can be exported to a selected delivery service.

What was the scope of the project_

In-app analytics helped us spot inefficiencies in the selling process, which was the first step to developing a solution. Feature ideation and implementation was focused on the user experience — user-centered feature development is essential to fixing a real-life user problem.

What was the business outcome_

The augmented reality component helps users cut the time necessary to measure the package — from 15 minutes to 15 seconds. The AR overlay with various packaging options allows users to preview and select the optimal box size for shipment.

AR Smart Packaging automatically inputs measurement data to a defined parcel service, decreasing the time it takes to prepare a package for shipment.

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