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In 2019, Magic Leap selected us as an early-stage development partner. Eager to explore the possibilities of the Magic Leap One headset, we built an immersive augmented reality squash game.

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B-All One

Magic Leap is one of the leading companies developing augmented reality headsets and extended reality enterprise solutions. The company’s goal is to bend the boundary of what’s possible with XR.

a man playing on magic leap in an office

What was the challenge_

Back in 2019, Magic Leap’s technology was sizzling fresh, offering exciting opportunities in the world of augmented reality. Spatial computing lets developers create layers upon layers of holographic structures that integrate with the user’s space. We wanted to get our hands on this inspiring tech stack and see what it could do.

How did we solve the challenge_

As an early-stage development partner with Magic Leap, we brainstormed on ideas to build. To explore Magic Leap’s capabilities, we considered creating something simple yet engaging —  an XR experience that would let us test all of Magic Leap One’s features and be fun and immersive for the users.

After reviewing many options, we settled on a single-player indoor squash game. Sounds simple enough, but the game would employ complex technology that probes the user’s environment.

a man playing on a magic leap device in an office

What was the scope of the project_

From idea to release, we build B-all One in four months. Working with Magic Leap’s developer ecosystem let us get a taste of spatial computing. This technology can be applied across different contexts and business environments, well beyond entertainment.

The more we learned about spatial computing, the greater its potential became in the evolving sphere of remote work and cross-reality collaboration.

What was the business outcome_

A dynamic and immersive mixed reality indoor squash game that transforms the user’s environment into a reality-based court. Wearing Magic Leap One, the user can bounce the ball around against real-world floors, walls, and furniture.

Magic Leap’s upcoming partnership with Google Cloud aims to deliver spatial computing services and solutions to businesses. The collaboration paves the way for new content delivery services based on 5G edge computing. An AR cloud could offer a persistent experience shared between users across multiple devices — a new frontier in communication.

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