Transforming fitness routines with heart-rate-guided workouts


Helping BEAT81 promote local training sessions

BEAT81 is a German-based fitness company that offers local training sessions. We worked with BEAT81 to build a mobile app where users can book workouts across multiple locations in big cities.

React Native
Mobile Development
UX/UI Design
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BEAT81 offers users a convenient way to train — via outdoor or indoor workout sessions. BEAT81 coaches rely on the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) method, which gives great weight-loss benefits.

Managed by experienced personal trainers, BEAT81 is a community of fitness enthusiasts who support each other through the toughest of training sessions.

BEAT81 wanted to make it easy for users to find a workout, book a training session, and train effectively in a fast-paced city environment. The company asked us to build a minimum viable product (MVP) for them to help validate their idea quickly and efficiently.

When testing if a product will pick up on the market, efficiency in product delivery is critical. That said, BEAT81 needed a highly responsive app with smooth screen transitions to increase user experience and ensure positive adoption.

Scope of Work

Our collaboration with BEAT81 involved developing a mobile app tailored for fitness enthusiasts to easily book workouts and track their fitness journey. This project was focused on delivering a user-friendly, high-performance MVP that aligns with BEAT81's vision of promoting convenient and effective training. Working in a cross-functional environment, our team was optimized for a consistent on-time product delivery.


Creating user-friendly designs let the users of BEAT81 find and book training sessions quickly. The design is focused on user experience, ensuring smooth screen transitions and an intuitive interface for easy navigation.


We developed the frontend in React Native that integrated seamlessly with the client's backend infrastructure. The resulting application is fast and responsive. We also worked on integrating the app with BEAT81’s existing backend infrastructure.

BLE Integration

BEAT81 works with chest straps that measure heart rate, letting users be in complete control over the intensity of their workouts.


A high-performance React Native app for iOS and Android with an external heart-rate monitor integration. The app helped BEAT81 validate their idea and evolve the product further.

The BEAT81 app offers users a wide variety of different training types and exercises. With an option to track fitness and progress, users can keep tabs on their fitness level and development. Users can browse through dates, pick a coach, and choose a training type to schedule a training session that matches their needs. A convenient map lets users find training sessions closest to them at any given time of day. Workout statistics progress information can be viewed in a user-friendly dashboard, with workouts completed, calories burned, and points earned.

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