Collectomate makes it easy for employees to collect parcels at large workplaces. Our job was to build iOS and Android apps for the company’s network of smart lockers.

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Collectomate is a startup company that builds smart lockers. Collectomate’s lockers can be optimized to serve a variety of purposes. From innovative employee locker management to convenient parcel collection and in-store grocery pickup, Collectomate offers a comprehensive solution for large office buildings.

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What was the challenge_

Parcel delivery in large office buildings is an ineffective process that takes a lot of time. Collectomate found a solution that would eliminate inefficiencies — smart lockers. 

Smart lockers by Collectomate consist of a high-tech blend of hardware, software, and furniture. These elements have to work seamlessly to let users manage the lockers from their mobile phones.

Collectomate already had the hardware and locker containers. But to put the setup together, the company needed apps for iOS, Android, and the built-in locker tablets.

How did we solve the challenge_

After analyzing the project, our team decided to build the apps in React Native, which would greatly improve code reuse across platforms, driving the cost down and decreasing time-to-market.

The Bluetooth Low Energy technology would enable fast and reliable connectivity between the lockers and mobile phones — all modern phones are equipped with BLE.

side by side mockup of different screens from the app
a sceenshot of the collect package feature with the package's location


The app lets employees pick their parcels conveniently from IoT-connected smart lockers. Collectomate’s IoT infrastructure can be configured to serve a variety of business purposes, e.g., employee locker management or in-store grocery pickup.


Collectomate sends a notification when users receive a package.

Remote Access

Users can open the locker from the mobile app whenever they're ready to pick up the package.

What was the scope of the project_

Immediately after project kick-off, we took on an active role, contributing to how Collectomate’s apps worked and looked.

We designed the whole mobile experience from scratch and then developed it in React Native. React Native let us reuse code between iOS and Android apps as well as the tablet app built into the smart lockers. This way, we utilized resources more effectively, helping the budding startup keep development costs low.

What was the business outcome_

A disruptive ecosystem with applications for smart locker management available for iOS and Android.

With a bug-free user-friendly IoT infrastructure for smart lockers, Collectomate managed to acquire investors for further growth. The company raised $350,000 in funding soon after launch.

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