Helping people get tax refund faster with an automated tax reimbursement app


Building the ExpressSteuer tax Refund app

ExpressSteuer is a tax reimbursement startup that helps people calculate their tax refund quickly. We worked with ExpressSteuer to design and develop a mobile application for their service.

UX/UI Design
Mobile Development
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With ExpressSteuer, users can quickly start the process of tax refund after filling out a short registration form and uploading financial documents. Users see the progress of their annual tax refund process and take action if there’s a need to upload more documentation.

With growing traffic from mobile users, ExpressSteuer recognized an opportunity to enhance user accessibility and engagement through a dedicated mobile application. The company first tested the waters with a simple POC for Android that rendered a web view. When app usage quickly climbed to 1K users, ExpressSteuer decided to build a full-fledged application for iOS and Android in Flutter.

Scope of Work

Our team helped ExpressSteuer build the application from the ground up: starting with intuitive designs and developing an app in Flutter that works on iOS and Android.

Intuitive designs

The design was created based on the components from the web application. Mobile designs were further customized to meet the specific needs and expectations of mobile users and help them complete the process of tax refund faster.

Development in Flutter

With two Flutter developers, we were working on the codebase for iOS and Android simultaneously, releasing features at the same time. This helped retain a seamless experience for users across platforms.


To help ExpressSteuer maximize the usability of data generated by the application, there are four different analytics tools implemented: MixPanel, Firebase, AdsFlyer, and Brace that helps the company track various metrics and adjust the app accordingly.


We implemented a comprehensive quality assurance process — a solid foundation for bugless releases that helps identify edge cases in web and mobile applications.


The application lets users upload their documents and ID information necessary for the tax refund calculation. Users have a simple and intuitive dashboard where they can quickly look up the status of their tax return. A quick shake of the phone initiates customer support.

ExpressSteuer wanted to run A/B tests to check how changing the number of registration questions would affect the registration completion. We implemented the structure of the A/B tests to help the company draw valuable insights and improve the user experience of the registration process.

By developing a mobile application, ExpressSteuer successfully met the users' evolving needs. Choosing Flutter for its cross-platform capabilities, the company made a strategic move aimed at building a unified application for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a familiar and convenient workflow for an increasing mobile audience.

Team Composition

In this project, our team covered all areas of the product creation, from project management to design and mobile and web development.


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