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French Montana's NFT Sneaker


Coke Boys Wear is a clothing company created by French Montana, Cams Dolo, and other members of the Coke Boys Records. For the release of their LA Sneaker, Coke Boys wanted to let customers try the shoe online. We helped the company turn the 3D model of the sneaker into a Snapchat filter (augmented reality lens).

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French Montana's NFT Sneaker

Coke Boys Wear is an extension of the Coke Boys Records, a music label fronted by Moroccan-American rapper French Montana. Clothes by Coke Boys Wear are available online and in over 500 retail stores.

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What was the challenge_

French Montana and his team were planning to release the much-awaited Coke Boys™ LA Sneaker in September 2021. The shoes would come in 500 pairs of a physical and digital (NFT) bundle.

The Coke Boys LA Sneaker

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Considered an “evolution of fine art collecting,” NFTs can include digital fashion, paintings, videos, music, and even tweets. These assets are tradable and give buyers exclusive ownership. In 2021, Grimes, a musician and artist, sold her digital art as NFTs for a total of $6 million. Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey sold one of his first tweets as an NFT for almost $3 million.

Augmented reality to streamline the sales process

To boost sales, the team wanted to give the customers the ability to try on the sneakers before purchase. Using an augmented reality filter, the customer would point their smartphone at their feet to see how the sneakers looked.

The AR try-on should facilitate the sales of the physical shoe and the one available digitally in Decentraland.

How did we solve the challenge_

To bring the AR sneakers closer to customers, we needed to use social media platforms with considerable reach.

But after researching Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it turned out only Snapchat supports foot tracking. Specifically, Snapchat employs deep learning in its AR foot recognition feature.

Using Snapchat’s Lens Studio, our designer would convert the 3D model of the CBLA sneaker into augmented reality.

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What was the scope of the project_

The 3D model delivered to us had one million polygons. For a seamless implementation with Snapchat’s Lens Studio, we had to reduce the number of polygons.

Then we baked and unified textures on a single UDIM and prepared models for real-time use.

What was the business outcome_

On the release date, the Coke Boys™ LA Sneaker AR Lens was viewed over 76,500 times. The augmented reality filter encouraged users to try on the shoes — the 500 items of the phygital (physical + digital) bundle sold out in one day!

The digital sneaker is wearable in Decentraland and possibly other metaverses in the future. The sneakers are available on Rarible.

Hop on Snapchat and try the shoes yourself by scanning the QR code below.

Snapchat QR code for French Montana NFT Sneaker
Scan Snapchat's QR code to launch the AR lens.

"Nomtek made it possible for my audience to try on my shoes in AR."
French Montana
French Montana
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