Overview came up with an idea to offer customers a better way to sell used goods. We worked with Gebraucht to help the company build an m-commerce shopping application.




Gebraucht was created by Stefan and Olivier, who wanted to streamline how customers sold and bought used, refurbished, and vintage items.

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What was the challenge_

The team at Gebraucht spotted inefficiencies in the selling and buying process of used goods via classified ads. The process lacked automation and was cumbersome.

Paper-based ads or online ads often require people to exchange goods personally. On top of that, the communication lacks transparency, and the payment is anything but secure and convenient.

How did we solve the challenge_

An m-commerce app is a great way to modernize the traditional selling process of used goods. With a mobile application that improves communication and simplifies transactions, Gebraucht could reach a larger pool of users interested either in selling or buying used merchandise.

side-by-side product presenation from the gebraught app with different features

Easy Selling

Users can quickly set up an offer and put their product for sale via an intuitive selling process.

Payment Module

Gebraucht's users conveniently pay for their purchases. The app features a secure payment option.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filters help users narrow down their searches to find what they need faster.

What was the scope of the project_

We went from developers to active idea-suggesting partners in this project. The think tank we created with the co-founders helped us design and develop functionalities that went beyond the project’s initial assumptions. These functionalities had a direct impact on the success of the app — generated 15k+ users during the first 30 days after launch.

What was the business outcome_

A user-focused m-commerce app available on iOS and Android. With, users can buy and sell used, vintage, and refurbished goods via a simple and efficient UI. The app features a secure payment solution and offers unique shipping options. In-app tips help users find and sell their products faster.

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