Using augmented reality to innovate how people experience and interact with music

Jägermeister: Touching the Music

Another layer of immersion with music

Night Embassy Berlin is an annual event organized by Jagermeister. We worked with Jagermeister to create an innovative form of art expression in mixed reality for one of Night Embassy's performances.

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Augmented Reality
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Night Embassy by Jagermeister is an art initiative that aims to reinvent Berlin’s nightlife. Combining nightlife culture and creative talents, Night Embassy explores multiple shades of art, performance, music, and other areas of creative freedom.

Pursuing alternative forms of expression calls for solutions that draw from technology, creativity, and imagination. Jagermeister’s Creative Director, Rania Kim, wanted to enrich Night Embassy’s residency program with something experimental and engaging.

Jagermeister wanted to use Magic Leap to deliver unexplored interactions in an immersive environment. Magic Leap can be used to create experiences that incorporate gestures, sounds, 3D graphics, and AI. A perfect setup for stretching the boundaries of creativity and entertainment.

Scope of Work

Building engaging Magic Leap app for Night Embassy Berlin, blending music with interactive 3D and AI elements, in collaboration with artists, under tight time constraints.

Development of Mixed Reality Interactions

Utilizing Magic Leap technology to create immersive experiences incorporating gestures, sounds, 3D graphics, and AI.

Collaboration with Artists

Working closely with Berlin-based artists to blend art and technology, shaping an innovative mixed reality experience.

Rapid Implementation and Adaptation

Swiftly developing the project to meet tight deadlines, including last-minute creative changes, ensuring a unique and engaging performance for the Night Embassy event.


Jagermeister came to us with an idea, 3D graphics, and AI-generated sounds. There was very little time to work on the project, but we loved the idea and launched full force at it.

The collaboration with Berlin-based artists soon evolved into a delightful and inspiring project. We used our Magic Leap, Lumin SDK, and Unity knowledge to design and develop this unconventional mixed reality experience.

A fun, engaging, and highly entertaining Magic Leap app that lets users interact with music in real time. The 3D objects recognize and react to a variety of user controls, i.e., head, hand, and eye movements. Using the app, users can communicate with AI through sounds and experience music in an entirely different way.

Driven by a sudden burst of creativity, Rania Kim asked us to introduce last-minute changes to the app, just before release. We managed to include the ideas within a very tight schedule. The immersive “Touching the Music” performance during Night Embassy’s event was exhilarating and unconventional.

"The audiovisual experience was met with positive reviews, providing a unique and engaging event. Nomtek provided a high level of insight into the technology, facilitating a smooth workflow. The team works to ensure that both teams are on the same page."

Rania Kim, Music Artist & Creative Director

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