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Metals & Catalysts: Recycling


Metals & Catalysts specializes in recycling a wide array of different materials. We partnered with Metals & Catalysts to build an app that simplifies the selling process for the company’s customers.

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Metals & Catalysts: Recycling

Established over 40 years ago, Metals & Catalysts is a family-owned business that operates across the UK. Metals & Catalysts buys and recycles catalytic converters, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and lead-acid batteries. The company has over 10 years of experience in scrapping catalysts for precious metals.

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What was the challenge_

Metals and Catalysts wanted to improve its reach and help its customers sell their catalytic converters more efficiently. 

We've worked with Metals & Catalysts a couple of years ago to build their first mobile app for iOS. Now the company came to us with two tasks: an upgrade of the existing app and the development of a new app for Android.

How did we solve the challenge_

To help customers sell their catalytic converters, Metals & Catalysts needed an app that would make it easy for users to valuate their catalysts. An efficient valuation process requires the creation of a catalyst catalog where users can easily input car information to browse the catalog and find their catalyst.

A content management system (CMS) integrated with the app is also necessary for the administrators to keep information relevant. A built-in admin panel gives the company insight into who’s using the app.

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Search Catalysts

An easy search feature with car make and model, pictures, and part number helps users quickly find their catalyst.

Add a Catalyst to My List

Users can add their catalysts to a "reverse" shopping cart where the parts are valued based on predefined precious metal prices.

Share Your List

A share feature lets users show their valuation results across social media channels.

What was the scope of the project_

Our cross-functional team approached the project from multiple angles. We revamped the design of the old iOS app and introduced a few new functionalities. Simultaneously, we built the app for Android.

To improve the selling process for the company, we introduced an adjustable algorithm that determines the price of precious metals — this lets the owners keep the rates up to date. A web-based CMS makes it easy for Metals & Catalysts to add catalysts to the catalog and manage users.

What was the business outcome_

A highly intuitive mobile application for iOS and Android. The app features a robust catalog of catalytic converters with pictures. Users can browse through the catalog seamlessly and quickly find a catalyst by car make and model. Employees at Metals and Catalysts can adjust price-determining algorithms to reflect current precious metal market prices.

Simple navigation and intuitive UI help users overcome communication issues by making it easy for customers who want to sell their catalytic converter to look up a relevant catalyst, add it to cart, and receive a valuation.

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