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Digital Patient Support

RadCare helps prostate patients track their treatment and go through the process equipped with valuable resources. We partnered with RadCare to build a mobile application that supports the patients.

UX/UI Design
Mobile Development
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RadCare was founded to guide patients with prostate cancer through EBRT. RadCare’s mission is to help patients lower anxiety and make the difficult journey easier with accurate and helpful information.

When patients undergo treatment for prostate cancer, the lack or too much confusing information on what to expect doubles their anxiety.

RadCare realized that providing patients with timely and relevant resources during the treatment course could improve their well-being.

A mobile application with valuable resources updated depending on the stage of the treatment would help patients stay informed and keep them connected. Patients could track every week of the treatment and gain instant access to relevant information — for example, diet, exercises, or anxiety-management techniques.

Scope of Work

Creating a user-friendly mobile app for RadCare, featuring a comprehensive treatment guide, resource library, and seamless content management integration to support prostate cancer patients.

User Interface Design and Functional Development

Designing an intuitive user interface and developing functionalities tailored to prostate cancer treatment tracking.

Implementation of a Custom Guide Feature

Creating an in-app guide outlining each step of the treatment, with resources for patient preparation and support.

Integration with WordPress CMS

Developing a system for easy content management and updates via a WordPress-based CMS, ensuring the app's information stays relevant and helpful.


When RadCare came to us, the company had only an idea for the application. Our team helped design the user interface as well as polish all the functionalities so that the app would fit the use case.

An accessible and convenient treatment progress tracking mobile application, with a rich library of resources. The library can be easily updated from a Wordpress-based desktop CMS by the doctor.

The application outlines all the steps in the treatment and how patients should prepare for each step. Patients can also connect with other patients for additional support.

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