Ricardo is a Swiss online marketplace with multiple product categories. Our team partnered with Ricardo for a complete overhaul of the app. We extended Ricardo’s in-house team, letting them focus on improving the service design process.




Ricardo is a well-known Swiss marketplace with over 5 million transactions annually. Established in 1999, Ricardo is the largest second-hand shop in Switzerland. Around 3.7 million people actively use Ricardo to sell and purchase a wide range of new and used products.

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What was the challenge_

Ricardo was operating on a technologically outdated mobile app, which prevented the company from meeting the growing demand with high customer experience. Outdated technologies also didn’t let Ricardo benefit from emerging user-engagement tools.

It became apparent that to grow and serve its customers better, Ricardo needed a complete overhaul of its mobile application.

How did we solve the challenge_

To accommodate the increasing customer base and the growing number of transactions, the changes had to be substantial. Nomtek partnered with Ricardo’s in-house team with the goal to rebuild the mobile application from the ground up.

Scalability and the improvement of service design were key for Ricardo to future-proof operations and deliver new experiences to its customers.

side-by-side product presentation with screens of features from the app
a screenshot showcasing the sort and filter option

Sort & Filter

An advanced sort and filter feature lets users optimize their searches. Users specify various product-related information for a more precise search.

Search & Tips

A search feature displays popular search suggestions with the number of available product offers. A short product preview in search results further helps in navigation.

Saved Searches, Items & Sellers

A convenient watch-list feature helps buyers organize and manage their search orders, individual offers, and favorite sellers.

What was the scope of the project_

Working in a cross-functional environment, we rolled out the first usable prototype after four weeks from the project kick-off. After that, we released a working version of the app based on user feedback every two weeks.

Our team consisted of a high-tempo delivery combo that fit in seamlessly with Ricardo’s in-house team.

We took care of the day-to-day app development, letting Ricardo’s team focus on production and making valuable decisions. Our team sped up delivery—we didn’t have to attend all the meetings to gain full project immersion. In that setup, Ricardo’s team had more time to evolve the product. We simply adapted to the company’s goals and supported their execution.

What was the business outcome_

The result of our cooperation is a user-friendly and customer-focused app for iOS and Android. Sellers can quickly define key product information using an intuitive interface. With a convenient navigation menu, buyers can browse through thousands of offers. 

Our partnership with Ricardo is used as an example of great cooperation across TX Group AG companies — the owner of Ricardo and the largest media group in Switzerland.

Ricardo has over 3 million monthly active users.

"Nomtek truly boosted our product development and our core team simply loves them."
Omar Moling
Omar Moling
Senior Product Owner
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