Making communication between companies and customers easier with a mobile app that integrates different channels


Building the Superchat MVP in React Native

Superchat aggregates communication channels for small and midsize companies. We partnered with Superchat to help them build a mobile application that simplifies communication between companies and their customers.

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Tired of the inefficiency and poor customer experience in phone and email communication with businesses and specialists, Mika Hally and Yilmaz Köknar founded Superchat in July 2020.

Superchat’s goal was to create a simple customer communication experience for businesses. The product aggregates Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Google Business Chat, email, and SMS into one inbox.

Countless phone conversations, email threads, and chats can make communication between companies and customers disorganized. That lack of organization often negatively impacts customer experience, creating response delays and messaging disruptions. It also affects customer-facing employees who lack a centralized communication channel.

Superchat solved this problem by streamlining communication between companies and customers — Superchat brings all popular communication channels into one inbox.

But Superchat wanted to extend the functionality of their service even further. Superchat needed a mobile application.

Scope of Work

We focused on enhancing customer-company communication through a mobile application. This project involved a thorough UI review, strategic scope cuts for efficiency, and the development of a market-validated MVP in React Native.

UI Review and Optimization

We started the project with an in-depth UI review of designs provided by Superchat, focusing on simplifying styling, animations, and layouts to enhance user experience.

Feature Development and Scope Management

Advising on building simpler alternatives for complex features, we could ensure a balance between functionality and time-to-market. This approach allowed for future feature enhancements based on real-world usage and customer feedback. By using React Native, we could reuse the components in iOS and Android version of the Superchat application.

MVP Development and QA Testing

With a team of 2 developers we built the app fast. The project was managed asynchronously and remotely, utilizing React Native and UXCam technologies for cross-platform compatibility. Comprehensive QA helped release app iterations with fewer bugs.


A mobile application with an intuitive interface would help companies using Superchat clean up communication with customers. By keeping private and business conversations separate, the Superchat mobile app would become an on-the-go communication tool for tending to customer needs.

Push notifications that remind employees about new messages would improve waiting times and create efficient communication patterns.

An intuitive mobile application lets companies stay close to customers — this is potentially a deal-breaker in industries where rapid customer service is critical.

Jump-starting Superchat

We started the project with an in-depth UI review of the designs provided by Superchat’s team.

The UI review revealed a possibility for scope cuts. We didn’t cut out the features, only focused on changing the styling, animations, and layouts. Scope cuts helped us release the product faster while preserving its functionality.

Whenever complex feature suggestions appeared during development, we advised Superchat to build simpler if less exciting alternatives. Adding complex features can always be done later — once the app is in active use and brings customer value. This way the application can be market validated while keeping development time to a cost-effective minimum.

Impact — Helping Superchat Get Funding

A React Native mobile application that runs on iOS and Android. The Superchat mobile app lets employees talk with customers using popular communication channels.

Customer-facing employees can assign roles and threads, encourage customer reviews, and receive push notifications for incoming messages.

At the start of 2021, Superchat completed a seed financing round, raising a total of €2.8M. The company got the necessary funds to further simplify customer communication for companies. In 2022, Superchat received another $15.6 million in a Series A round.


Seed round


Series A round

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