Uproad by Kapsch


Uproad is a toll app that helps drivers better manage their trips, letting them enjoy the ride without worrying about manual toll payment. Nomtek partnered with Uproad to develop this innovative solution to tolling.



Uproad by Kapsch

Uproad is a US-based startup branch of Kapsch Group, a leader in digitalization and mobility. Uproad aims to revolutionize the toll road experience by transforming toll payments. The idea behind Uproad came from the need to breathe transparency and simplicity into the overly confusing toll fees. Uproad’s mission is to keep open roads open, eliminating obstacles such as physical toll booths or toll price uncertainty.

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What was the challenge_

Toll booth delays and the cumbersome transponder-based toll payments are an everyday nuisance to commuters and motorists. The construction of toll booths itself requires considerable resources and calls for a huge financial investment.

But there is a solution to that — directing all turnpike operations to the digital medium. Enclosing the process of toll collection in a smartphone eliminates the need to build costly toll booth infrastructure and highly increases toll payment convenience.

However, building a software solution capable of delegating toll collection to a smartphone is a tricky challenge to overcome.

How did we solve the challenge_

The biggest obstacle was to ensure high detection coverage of toll booths under optimal battery usage. To keep user privacy safe, the app also had to collect only the minimum amount of data necessary to perform toll operations.

To overcome these challenges, Nomtek joined a team of around 100 professionals and established a dedicated research and development (R&D) process. We leveraged our cross-functional experience to test and build the most optimal solution that delivered the expected results.

Our team managed to design and develop a highly available mobile application for Android and iOS that caters to commuters and motorists who value convenience.

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Real Time tolling

Real-time tolling notifications keep drivers informed on the toll points passed and the total estimated cost of tolls. The technology is GPS-based and doesn’t require a transponder.

Trip calculator

The trip calculator lets drivers find the most optimal route to a destination. Using the trip calculator, drivers can choose between the fastest and the cheapest route. The app displays every toll point and its price.

Toll clarity

Uproad’s mobile app gives drivers real-time access to toll roads usage, available credit, past trips, and discounts. With toll price transparency, trip planning becomes easy, efficient, and flexible.

What was the scope of the project_

When Nomtek took over the project from another agency, the app was only a low-fidelity prototype. We essentially had to analyze the project challenges and build the app from the ground up.

Working on a project as complex as Uproad requires seamless collaboration and communication. With R&D projects, agility and adaptability to new circumstances are critical to building innovative solutions — close collaboration allowed us to effectively identify and solve any possible issues very early on during development.

The development process was highly complex and called for careful planning. Because of the complexity, we implemented the SAFE (Scaled Agile Framework) methodology to address the challenges arising from working in big teams on enterprise projects. 

Under a tight deadline, effective management and high team engagement helped us deliver the project on time.

What was the business outcome_

Our combined efforts and experience resulted in an innovative toll road solution. The app has become a real disruption to highway tolling across the United States.

What used to be a multi-device (numerous transponders used) and multi-step process—where final toll costs were confusing—is now a streamlined toll road experience. With Uproad, you know exactly when and how much you pay, no surprises.

Uproad is also your travel companion—the app helps you navigate across multiple highway options, letting you plan your trip so that it serves your current needs best. Uproad lets you keep tabs on your toll road usage, expenses, and cost-saving opportunities.

The most impressive thing about nomtek is that they have challenged us with their continuous focus on users and KPI driven development. All done under no-bullshit process.
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