Using AI to support those in need during Christmas


Supporting Charity with a Flutter-Based Website

We built an AI-powered wishes generator that supports charity through personalized Christmas cards.

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Last Christmas, our internal research and development team Labs embarked on a project called Wishes, a website that combines the power of AI with the convenience of technology to spread joy while helping those in need. Wishes lets people create personalized Christmas cards for their loved ones while letting them donate money to a noble cause.

The idea was simple yet impactful: create a platform where anyone can generate custom Christmas wishes for their loved ones. The website needed to be mobile-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various devices.

Scope of Work

The Wishes project involved designing and developing the website in Flutter. For wishes, we also integrated GPT API.

Design & Development

Design and development went in tandem, which helped make dynamic adjustments to the look and feel of the website.

AI Integration

Crafting a robust AI prompt was crucial. The prompt was engineered to deliver repeatable results, ensuring personalized wishes with a visually appealing Christmas card.

Payment Integration

Connecting the platform with a donation system. After a donation, the user received a custom Christmas card with the generated wishes.


The heart of Wishes lies in its personalization capabilities. Users can tailor their messages based on three key inputs: the recipient, the tone of the message, and a special touch that makes each wish unique.

Prompt Engineering

Engineering the prompt for repeatable results called for a very tight prompt with lots of testing with tone and wording. AI had difficulties generating rhymed wishes. The image-generating API also performed poorly when asked to put text on the holiday card. A good prompt is key to generating a great picture that supports the wishes.

Here's the exact prompt:

`Generate a Christmas wish for ${wishRecipient}. Incorporate the following personalized details(keep it concise, 1-2 sentences): ${personalMessage}. The tone of the wish should be ${wishTone}. Ensure the message is culturally sensitive, aligning with the traditions and sentiments of Christmas. If personalized info is in a language other than English, the wish should be in that language.

Website View Optimization in Flutter

A significant challenge was optimizing Wishes for different screens. Our solution involved meticulous UI configuration using Flutter for web, accounting for various screen sizes to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

WIshes and AI Adoption

Wishes made the use of AI available to a wider audience. The key was designing an easy-to-use interface that let users interact with AI effortlessly. Visual cues and simplified text helped engage users across all age groups.

The campaign successfully raised over 500 PLN. Funds were distributed to a charity foundation that supports elderly people.


Our team's collaborative effort resulted in a platform that not only brought joy to many but also contributed to a greater cause.


Wishes generated through the platform


Custom Christmas cards sent


Wishes in English


Wishes in Polish

Team Composition

A small team of three people worked on on an engaging, user-friendly interface, integrating the designs into the platform and overcoming technical challenges, ensuring the AI generated appropriate, varied, and high-quality wishes and holiday cards.






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