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We can quickly set up a team of experienced developers to start working on your project. We build secure, reliable, and efficient teams that scale up and down.

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Product Strategy

Nomtek has delivered over 200 apps so far. We believe that workshops and collaboration are the best way to find the product-market fit. Our offer covers product design sprints, scoping sessions, and UX audits if you already have a product.


Product Design

We believe in human-centered design. Our design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration. This way, we can create a consistent and intuitive user experience.


Product Development

Mobile software development brings the best results when we work closely with our clients. Scrum methods allow for better communication and fast validation. We test and improve rapidly to deliver the best software possible.


Product Management

You can be a product owner and know your product inside and out, but you still need a person to manage the backlog and the team. This is where our product managers can help you out.


Product QA Testing

Custom software development is never complete without testing! Our QA engineers are the keepers of high quality. To make sure that your product is flawless, we take care of automated and manual QA testing.

Boosting in-house native development capabilities

As the largest second-hand shop in Switzerland, Ricardo depends on delivering a high customer experience at every point of the user journey. To help Ricardo focus on improving the experience for its customer base, we took care of the day-to-day app development. By giving Ricardo’s core team space for making product decisions, we helped the company overhaul the app and make it ready to meet growing customer demand and user-engagement solutions.

Omar Moling

Senior Product Owner

"Nomtek truly boosted our product development and our core team simply loves them,"


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Why choose nomtek for Kotlin mobile development?

Senior developers aboard

While the average tenure of developers is less than two years, our developers stay with us over four years. Many of our senior developers stay well beyond the five-year mark.

Quick team setup

We can put together a team of Kotlin developers quickly, and scale it as per your project’s needs. We have available talent to respond to unplanned backlog pivots.

“Our approach to native app development emphasizes high unit test coverage. We keep the code simple — when additional requirements appear, a refactor is a safe and efficient procedure.”
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Wojciech Dawiskiba

Android Developer at Nomtek

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is executed without interpretation — it guarantees speed and fast screen load times. It’s fully interoperable with Java, plus it boasts a pack of modern features that make development faster.

Choose Kotlin developers when your product has many hardware integrations and dependencies.

Why use Kotlin for app development

Easier integration with hardware features

If your app relies heavily on a device’s hardware features (GPS, camera, accelerometer), Kotlin mobile development makes these integrations easier.

Compared to cross-platform or hybrid development where you need bridges to access device-specific features, Kotlin has out-of-the-box integrations.

Long-term official support

If your app’s life cycle is long (over three years), you need a stable technology stack to support its growth. Kotlin has a defined upgrade roadmap, which makes it a great choice for apps that stay on the market for over three years.

Great and familiar UX/UI

Native development in Kotlin results in fast apps with impeccable and familiar designs that boost user experience. Kotlin app development is a sweet spot between eye-pleasing visuals and great performance with automatic operating system updates.

Universal design standards help developers implement native Android UI/UX design patterns. Users are familiar with navigation and experience in natively developed Android applications written in Kotlin.

Our Kotlin portfolio

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