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What is React Native?

Created by Facebook in 2015, React Native is a cross-platform JavaScript framework for iOS and Android app development. Despite the name, React Native is not actually “native,” yet it’s used to create mobile apps that feel and look native.

Why use React Native for app development

Cross-platform support

As mention above, React Native is a cross-platform solution. It means that a single team can take care of several platforms. This makes React Native development more affordable and less time-consuming.

Reusable code

React Native code can be reused not only across mobile platforms but also web applications. Again, this is another aspect that makes this framework more efficient.

Small app size

React Native apps are usually smaller than, for example, Flutter ones. If this is what you care about, React Native is the best option.

No skill silos

Working with React Native helps you avoid creating skill silos. At nomtek, we’ve created a team of full-stack experts. All team members use JavaScript as a unified tech stack across different platforms, including React.js, Node.js, and React Native. Thanks to a common language, our developers can solve problems together, faster, and more effectively.

Easy maintenance

Last but not least, all native updates are automatically applied to React Native apps. This makes software maintenance a lot easier.

Our React Native portfolio

two screenshots from the gebraught mobile app
E-Commerce came up with an idea to offer customers a better way to sell used goods. We worked with Gebraucht to help the company build an m-commerce shopping application.

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a screenshot of the map feature and booking option

BEAT81 is a German-based fitness company that offers local training sessions. We worked with BEAT81 to build a mobile app where users can book workouts across multiple locations in big cities.

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two screens with a fat burning curve and food composition feature
Unicity: Activate

Activate: Nutrition Coach is a food-logging mobile app from Unicity. We worked with Unicity to help the company ideate, design, and develop the app for iOS and Android.

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screenshots of unicity meal calculator

GetFit21 creates health and fitness programs for losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. We helped GetFit21 build a user-friendly app to support the programs, with training videos, individual coaching, and more.

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Should I use React Native or should I go native?

React Native is the best pick if you’re resources are limited yet you still need to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It’s faster, cheaper, and the maintenance is much easier. However, it is important to mention that native apps usually come with better performance and more support from the platform providers.

Is React Native the right choice for my app?

If you’d like to release mobile apps for both iOS and Android, React Native is definitely a solution to consider. It’s the best option if: You’d like something as close to native as possible, without developing two separate native apps You need an app that won’t take up too much space on the device You’d like to use biometric authentication (React is the go-to choice for that)

How long does it take to develop a React Native app?

Based on our experience, we can say that it depends on the scope of the project. One thing is for sure: it takes much less time than developing two native apps separately. If the development speed and the budget are your priorities, React Native is the way to go.

Which one is better, React Native or Flutter?

It’s a very close tie! The decision depends on a specific project, and we’re happy to help you choose the cross-platform development framework that makes the best fit for your needs. We’re working with both React Native and Flutter.

Is React Native better than Ionic?

First of all, Ionic is a hybrid solution, while React Native is a cross-platform framework. If you’re looking to develop a solely mobile app for iOS and Android, React Native is a better choice. Ionic, to put it simply, is better for creating an extension of your website.

Is React Native better than Xamarin?

Xamarin is an older solution than React Native. As a rule of thumb, React Native makes a better choice if you already have experience with web applications, while Xamarin is more intuitive for those experienced with .NET development. What’s more, React Native is an open-source solution, contrary to Xamarin. If we were to choose, we’d vote for React Native, as it’s also getting more popular.

What language is React Native?

React Native is based on JavaScript. It uses the React.js library, which makes it easier to create apps with a truly native feel.

What are some popular React Native apps?

You’ve probably already used some! Facebook and Instagram are the most prominent examples. Other popular React Native apps include Walmart, Bloomberg, SoundCloud, and Wix.

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