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We have senior Swift mobile development engineers available — quick team setup and project kickoff. Our Swift developers are skilled in delivery and committed to shipping business outcomes not just code outputs.

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Product Strategy

Nomtek has delivered over 200 apps so far. We believe that workshops and collaboration are the best way to find the product-market fit. Our offer covers product design sprints, scoping sessions, and UX audits if you already have a product.


Product Design

We believe in human-centered design. Our design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration. This way, we can create a consistent and intuitive user experience.


Product Development

Mobile software development brings the best results when we work closely with our clients. Scrum methods allow for better communication and fast validation. We test and improve rapidly to deliver the best software possible.


Product Management

You can be a product owner and know your product inside and out, but you still need a person to manage the backlog and the team. This is where our product managers can help you out.


Product QA Testing

Custom software development is never complete without testing! Our QA engineers are the keepers of high quality. To make sure that your product is flawless, we take care of automated and manual QA testing.

An intuitive mobile application for remote light control

Applications for professionals call for custom user experience solutions. To create an optimal workflow for lighting experts, we did an in-depth UX audit of the MVP delivered by the client. The audit revealed UX patterns with sub-par performance that didn’t meet the needs of lighting professionals. Our team first analyzed how lighting professionals work and operate lights to then create UX flows focused on task-specific demands that lighting professionals face during shooting.

Timothy Duff

Co-founder and CEO

"Their insight and creative ideas helped improve the project along the way, leading to an extremely positive response from our customers"

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Why choose nomtek for Swift app development?

Quick project adaptation

We quickly adapt to your goals. Our developers blend with your in-house team to execute backlog items. We don’t have to attend all meetings to ship code and build your product.

Great developer retention

Most senior Swift developers working at nomtek are with us over four years — the average time software engineers work at companies is less than two years.

Experience in native technologies

We organize weekly internal meetings where we discuss changes and updates to native programming languages, including Swift. This lets us fix issues demanding immediate attention.

"Swift development is a go-to choice for apps that need a lot of platform-specific integrations. Swift is a guarantee that a third-party plugin won’t disrupt your mobile application."
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Zbigniew Górawski

Delivery Leader at Nomtek

What is Swift app development?

Swift is an official native programming language for iOS that builds on its predecessor (Objective-C) to help developers create secure, robust, and scalable apps.

Delegated data-processing operations in Swift keep user experience at a high level. Swift developers with extensive iOS app development knowledge can build products that look and perform well on top of retaining users.

Why write apps in Swift

Excellent Apple ecosystem coverage

Swift mobile development lets you build apps that extend the whole experience within the Apple ecosystem — for example, iPhone, iCloud, AppleWatch integration. You don’t need to rely on third-party plugins to cover all feature needs when developing in Swift.

Seamless scalability

With Swift app development, there’s no limit to the number of integrations — you can scale the app to sustain increasing audiences and transactions, which will especially please e-commerce mobile app owners.

No in-app memory issues

Swift has dynamic library support, which practically eliminates memory clogging. With only one library copy, Swift reduces the footprint making native Swift apps even faster. Because Swift has an LLVM tool that compiles the app’s code to machine code, there are no glitches in screen transitions and animations.

Our Swift portfolio

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