Bringing solid business cases to market

Nomtek Accelerator helps pre-seed startups develop their products faster and with higher quality. We provide founders with the technical resources they need to corner their markets, validate their business case, and build their defensibility quickly and effectively.

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Helping Founders break the tech limbo

Tech limbo occurs when founders have strong domain knowledge but lack the technical resources to develop an MVP. It's a critical phase where promising concepts risk stalling. Nomtek Accelerator was designed to bridge this gap, ensuring ideas with potential don't linger but come to life.

Our involvement reduces the risks for future investors by proving the viability and market potential of the concept.

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Dedicated Team Allocation

Nomtek Accelerator goes beyond traditional investment by allocating a dedicated cross-functional team to your venture, consisting of engineering, product design, project management, and QA. This skilled team will work closely with you to bring your product from idea to reality and provide undeniable evidence to get you funded.


Product Evaluation and Funding

We collaborate with you to evaluate your product idea thoroughly. If we find common ground and agree on a joint goal — such as building an MVP to secure your first 1000 customers and successfully close your first VC round — you will gain full access to our dedicated team to make this goal a reality.


Hands-on Support

With Nomtek's team by your side, you're not just getting financial backing but a partnership that extends into strategic planning, design, development, and market launch. Our goal is to ensure your product is built.


Flexible Investment and Growth Structures

We offer a financial boost to help with that initial traction or give you a cross-functional team. Post-investment, we actively work with you to identify new funding opportunities and strategic partnerships that accelerate your path to scalability and success.

Our Team

Krzysztof Choma


Peter Mezyk

VP of Product

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We can set up an optimal environment for your project to mutual benefit.

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Discount on Development Services

As part of our investment, you'll receive a discount on Nomtek's development services and get access to a 60+ people talent pool with battle-tested experience across all domains needed to create software products that stick and make a difference. This ensures that your venture can leverage high-quality resources and expertise without the financial burden typically associated with setting up a senior tech team.


Investment Models

Our intention is to provide founders with the Seed Tech Team allowing them to boost their MVP creation and market validation. Our end game is to benefit together when success happens. Once we agree on the ideal Seed Team size, we then calculate how much of a stake it represents given the current company valuation and we then define how much of this stake converts directly into equity, virtual shares, convertible loan or a mixture of such instruments.

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