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With more than 15 years of experience with mobile apps and 5+ years of experience with React Native, we’re happy to help.


Cross-Platform Support

React Native is a cross-platform solution. It means that a single team can take care of several platforms. This makes React Native development more affordable and less time-consuming. Last but not least, all native updates are automatically applied to React Native apps. This makes software maintenance a lot easier.


Reusable Code

React Native code can be reused not only across mobile platforms but also web applications. Again, this is another aspect that makes this framework more efficient than native development.


No Skill Silos

Working with React Native helps you avoid creating skill silos. At nomtek, we’ve created a team of full-stack experts. All team members use JavaScript as a unified tech stack across different platforms, including React.js, Node.js, and React Native. Thanks to a common language, our developers can solve problems together, faster, and more effectively.

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