Swift app development

Looking for Unity developers? We create augmented reality and virtual reality experiences using the Unity framework. We’ve worked on AR solutions with big brands like Jagermeister, Magic Leap, and Hyperloop.

Quick project adaptation

We quickly adapt to your goals. Our developers blend with your in-house team to execute backlog items. We don’t have to attend all meetings to ship code and build your product.

Great developer retention

Most senior Swift developers working at nomtek are with us over four years — the average time software engineers work at companies is less than two years.

Experience in native technologies

We organize weekly internal meetings where we discuss changes and updates to native programming languages, including Swift. This lets us fix issues demanding immediate attention.

Why write apps in Swift

Excellent Apple ecosystem coverage

Swift mobile development lets you build apps that extend the whole experience within the Apple ecosystem — for example, iPhone, iCloud, AppleWatch integration. You don’t need to rely on third-party plugins to cover all feature needs when developing in Swift.

Seamless scalability

With Swift app development, there’s no limit to the number of integrations — you can scale the app to sustain increasing audiences and transactions, which will especially please e-commerce mobile app owners.

No in-app memory issues

Swift has dynamic library support, which practically eliminates memory clogging. With only one library copy, Swift reduces the footprint making native Swift apps even faster. Because Swift has an LLVM tool that compiles the app’s code to machine code, there are no glitches in screen transitions and animations.

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