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Dynamic and straightforward workshops focused on outcomes.

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Tech feasibility workshops_

Analyze how to leverage technology and innovate a business opportunity.

Small commitment, better long-term results

Build a reliable plan for continuous experimentation to validate ideas thoroughly.

Honest approach

Use data to move forward, pivot, or abandon a project and limit project inefficiencies.

Speedboat execution

Act fast with small, actionable hypothesis-checking steps that let you make finer decisions.

Workshop structure

Weekly technical feasibility iterations to maximize speed and results. Outcome-based approach. The exact duration of TFW depends on the complexity of the problem.
Unpack your idea with dedicated feasibility agents. A team of three experts will work on all angles to check technical feasibility and prepare an initial roadmap. Each iteration lasts one week.
The whole process is highly transparent — you’re in the loop at every moment. If the first week reveals additional areas for exploration, we continue iterating. This way we generate enough valuable data to speed up your decision-making.
Deliverables — Every tech feasibility sprint ends with a report, roadmap, or prototype, depending on the duration of the workshop and our findings.
Throughout the workshop, we integrate custom processes crafted using collected insights and internal expertise. A tailored approach is optimized for confident execution in the later stages.

Simple pricing

We can set up an optimal workshop length after an introductory meeting.

Weekly package

Dynamic approach to jump-start your project and move to the next stages.
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Tech validation
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Engaging products rely on human-centered designs. Focusing the design on the audience creates a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Explore the right technology with experienced cross-functional teams.

Limit uncertainty and risk in product development. Our simple, highly iterative approach helps innovators build confidence in using technology to solve problems in a variety of use cases and industries.

Workshops designed for outcomes

We perform an in-depth analysis of the idea to collect data for the next steps.

Quick, no paperwork workshop kickoff

Let's dive into your idea without delay to experiment and determine its feasibility.

Complex technology simplified

Our R&D department breaks down technology into clear and validated use cases.

Custom workshop process_

Since no business case is the same, we have a process tailored to your exact context — the key is to plan small, actionable steps and build on the results and data we achieve in an ongoing manner.

Workshops will help you:

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Set expectations and potential outputs

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Evaluate the viability of a project

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Identify technical requirements

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Develop a roadmap to outline initial project objectives

Chisel out your vision

We also offer product design workshops. Workshops help you narrow down the vision for your product.

Product design workshops cut the time necessary to flesh out your product idea. Instead of months, you can click through an interactive prototype in one to two weeks.

Discover new opportunities in existing products

A product design workshop doesn’t work only for new products. For example, you can use it to see what’s necessary for an MVP when you build it based on a very complex website.

During workshops, you can check if the size of your MVP scope is right or if it should be shortened.

Analyze the business opportunity

Product design workshops can help you verify if there’s a business opportunity in your idea. Consider the monetization strategy and business plan. In other words, analyze if you’re able to deliver your service or product and stay on the market.

Workshops let you gain more certainty in your vision. They can also help make a decision to abandon your idea if it’s not viable.

Create a competitive advantage from the get-go
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Our projects_

a screen with vokabeltrainer app features
Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer

Langenscheidt is a renowned language learning publisher, with decades of experience in the industry. We partnered with Langenscheidt to build a vocabulary training app that helps learn languages more effectively.

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two screenshots from the gebraught mobile app
E-Commerce came up with an idea to offer customers a better way to sell used goods. We worked with Gebraucht to help the company build an m-commerce shopping application.

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a screenshot of the map feature and booking option

BEAT81 is a German-based fitness company that offers local training sessions. We worked with BEAT81 to build a mobile app where users can book workouts across multiple locations in big cities.

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a 3D view of a package seen through a mobile phone
AR Smart Packaging for E-Commerce

AR Smart Packaging is an augmented reality project we did for Gebraucht to help the company improve the selling process in their mobile commerce application.

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