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How to Build Sticky Products in Flutter

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Sticky Products that Build Good Habits

A lot of the information we consume on mobile apps has a negative effect on our self-esteem, creating an illusion about perfect routines, shredded silhouettes, or lavish meals. Social media apps in particular have a documented impact on our mental health, especially among youth.

But there’s another, positive, part of the story — positive habit-building mobile experiences. These are apps that help us manage our time better, learn new skills, or simply keep tabs on our fitness and training progress. They bring together like-minded people into communities.

If digital products have such mutually exclusive results on mental health, how can founders design their products so that they help form healthy habits without causing addiction? Does technology have any say in that?

Creating Digital Products That Are Profitable and Empowering

At nomtek, we believe that the key to building successful digital products is to take an honest approach to development. This means we don't just push a product out the door without carefully considering whether it’s truly needed by the target audience.

Instead, we experiment, validate, and discuss market changes to ensure that the product will solve a real problem for the target audience. This allows us to create products that are useful and effective, with a strong appeal to the people who will be using them.

Exploring product opportunities with ongoing discovery

Teresa Torres' Continuous Discovery Habits is a framework that can help businesses explore product opportunities and validate their ideas. The framework treats product development as an ongoing process, where businesses should be constantly experimenting, learning, and adapting in order to create successful products.

The Continuous Discovery Habits framework consists of six key habits:

  1. Observing customers and their behaviors in order to gain insights into their needs and preferences.
  2. Asking questions and gathering feedback from customers in order to better understand their needs and validate your assumptions.
  3. Trying out new ideas and solutions in a low-risk and low-cost way in order to test their feasibility and effectiveness.
  4. Reflecting on your experiences and learnings to continually improve and refine your product.
  5. Communicating openly and transparently with customers, stakeholders, and team members to build trust and alignment.
  6. Prioritize: Prioritize your efforts and resources based on the insights and learnings you have gained in order to focus on the most valuable opportunities.

By following these habits, businesses can use the continuous discovery framework to explore product opportunities and validate ideas in a systematic and effective way.

A depiction of an opportunity solution tree.
Opportunity solution tree make it easier for teams to map out the path to a desired outcome. Source: Product Talk

Ongoing discovery habits yield the best insights in cross-functional teams. Teresa Torres proposes a product trio consisting of a designer, developer, and product manager. Each contributes their expertise, filling gaps and generating compounding discovery benefits.

Network effects for improved product stickiness

Network effects are a powerful tool that can be used to build products that resonate with users. Network effects leverage relationships between users, allowing new users to benefit from the network that already exists. By creating network effects within an app, as it grows in popularity, each user gains more value as more relationships are formed and connected. This trend has become increasingly important for businesses and developers looking to create engaging and successful digital products over the last few years.

The key to reaping benefits from network effects is building products customers want — for this to happen, ongoing discovery and an almost intimate knowledge of customer needs are necessary.

Using Flutter to Leverage Ongoing Discovery and Build Sticky Products

Flutter is a great choice for leveraging ongoing discovery because it lets teams quickly and easily build and test new products and features. With Flutter, developers create high-quality, interactive, and intuitive apps that provide a great user experience.

Rapid prototyping in Flutter paired with understanding the needs and preferences of the target audience, let’s cross-functional teams deliver value much faster. 

And this is where our core belief in positive habit-building applications comes in. We use agile development methodologies to rapidly iterate and also create products that have a chance to help people build meaningful relationships and experiences.

Flutter helps us build fast for a range of devices. With Flutter, you can develop for iOS, Android, desktop, and web from one codebase and with one team. Flutter maximizes efficiency in the development process, providing a quick way to ship features across platforms. Its ease of integration with an existing codebase allows Flutter development teams to quickly start delivering value to a project.

Hiring an experienced Flutter development company can help you take advantage of natively compiled products running across multiple platforms. Whether it's designing a mobile application or creating a new web interface, Flutter offers an established path that gets the job done fast.

Flutter's core feature is building apps for every screen size across different devices. Source: Flutter

Flutter App Development Services for Scalable Products

App performance under heavy demand is one of the elements that make up successful products that can leverage network effects.

There are several key steps that businesses can take to ensure that a mobile application built in Flutter is fast and responsive — and can be scaled to meet demand. These include:

  • Leverage the native performance of the Flutter framework to create apps that are fast, responsive, and smooth, even on high-traffic or resource-intensive operations.
  • Use a scalable app architecture that can handle high traffic and support future upgrades and enhancements. The proper architecture of the app can accommodate increases in demand and continue to deliver a fast and responsive user experience.
  • Follow best practices for optimizing app performance, such as reducing the size of assets and minimizing the use of expensive operations. This can help ensure that the app remains fast and responsive, even on low-end devices or under heavy load.
  • Monitor app performance and usage metrics, and use this data to identify and address any performance bottlenecks or scalability issues. This can help ensure that the app continues to deliver a fast and responsive user experience.

One codebase also means that a product that starts out as a mobile application can be expanded to other platforms. Flutter offers stable support for web development.

people collaborating and working
Flutter helps cross-functional teams deliver outcomes faster.

Flutter Helps Validate Ideas for Startups and Enterprises

Flutter apps use the Dart programming language, which is easy to learn and powerful enough to build complex, high-performance products. It also includes a rich set of customizable widgets, which can be used to create beautiful, intuitive user interfaces.

Flutter helps businesses of all sizes validate ideas faster by using prototypes and MVPs to check hypotheses against an actual product and with real users. One of the key advantages of Flutter app development is that it enables developers to create cross-platform apps that are indistinguishable from native apps. This means that users will have the same smooth, seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices.

Honest Development in Flutter

By using Flutter, product trios can create apps that help users to accomplish goals, solve problems, and build communities of like-minded people. Honest development with ongoing discovery is the cornerstone of successful product development. Before pounding away lines of code, we have to ensure that the idea has been thoroughly validated and delivers maximum value to the user. Exploring the audience deeply in order to find hidden opportunities that have not been previously tapped into creates a platform for extraordinary results. Honest development fosters trust with clients and prioritizes user experience and satisfaction.

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