How Will Apple Reality Pro Headset Impact Business?

Apple’s push toward an immersive mixed reality headset marks a growing trend for tech companies to embrace XR hardware with a view of the future in mind. And while much more hardware sophistication is necessary to create immersive XR glasses that are comfortable to wear for long stretches of time, headsets provide a necessary landmark to give tech companies intel about usage and data for successive iterations based on their IP patents.

Meta, Apple, Snapdragon, Vuzix, are inching ever closer to a future where smartphones are replaced by versatile XR glasses with an intuitive interface and a range of practical use cases. Even though we’re still years away from what can be viably used as a smartphone replacement, businesses can now start thinking about the shift to this new paradigm of interacting with and consuming information to create unfair advantage and cater to early adopters.

apple reality pro headset in a 3d rendering
What Are Apple's Headset Use Cases and Business Impact?

Apple Reality Pro Headset: The Lowdown

Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset is set to make a big splash in the market with a suite of software and services that cater to a range of interests, from fitness and collaboration to gaming and entertainment. According to insiders, the headset will debut at WWDC in June with a $3,000 price tag.​​

a sample design for apple's headset
One of Apple’s headset community-made designs. Source: WCCF Tech

Apple is working hard to release a robust set of applications and XR experiences at launch. The company is also focusing on optimizing its existing apps, including Safari, FaceTime, and Apple Books, for the new headset. Additionally, Apple is developing a version of its Fitness+ service that will allow users to exercise while watching an instructor in VR.

The company is also looking to make viewing sports a more immersive experience by offering games from Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball on its TV+ platform. And to further enhance the entertainment experience, the TV app will allow users to watch video in different virtual environments.

a silver blue apple headset design
Another unofficial design. Source: Ian Zelbo

The headset will reportedly feature a dial that will enable users to switch between virtual and augmented reality. When in virtual reality mode, users will be fully immersed in their apps, while AR mode will allow them to see the real world around them.

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How Apple’s Headset Could Improve Businesses?

Enhanced communication

Apple Reality Pro could enable more seamless and immersive communication between team members, partners, and customers. For example, remote workers could use Apple Reality Pro to participate in virtual meetings, view shared content, or collaborate on projects in real-time.

Improved customer experiences

With the ability to provide real-time information, virtual overlays, and other immersive experiences, Apple Reality Pro could transform how customers interact with businesses. For example, in the retail industry, Apple Reality Pro could enable customers to try on virtual clothing or view product information in a more engaging way.

Increased productivity

In industries such as manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, Apple Reality Pro could improve productivity by providing workers with real-time information and virtual assistance. For example, workers could use Apple Reality Pro to view schematics, identify parts, or receive step-by-step instructions for completing tasks.

two man talking over a 3d render of a car engine
Augmented reality assists in engineering. Source: XR Interpreter

New business models

With the ability to provide unique and immersive experiences, Apple Reality Pro could enable businesses to create new revenue streams or business models. For example, entertainment venues could use Apple Reality Pro to provide immersive experiences to visitors, while museums or historical sites could use the technology to provide virtual tours.

Better data visualization

Apple Reality Pro can present data in more engaging, intuitive, and interactive ways. For businesses, this means improved data visualization and, by extension, better-informed decisions. In fields such as finance, logistics, and operations, data-driven insights could be transformed into 3D models or overlays, making complex data sets more comprehensible and accessible, and thus aiding strategic decisions.

Efficient supply chain management

In the logistics sector, Apple Reality Pro could be used for quicker and more accurate inventory management. Warehouse workers could locate and track inventory in real-time using visual cues, which would speed up operations and reduce errors.

Apple’s Headset Use Cases for Business

The below use cases are hypothetical but within the realm of possibility. They go on to show you what can be achieved with augmented reality, and how the digital can intertwine with the real in the future.

a render of apple reality pro headset
An example of Apple's headset design. Source: Ahmed Chenni

Retail shopping assistance

With the Apple Reality Pro headset, the retail shopping experience could be revolutionized. Customers walking through store aisles could see augmented overlays on products, offering rich, context-specific information. For example, upon focusing on a wine bottle, the headset could provide data such as the wine's origin, tasting notes, appropriate food pairings, and user reviews.

This personalized shopping assistant could significantly enhance decision-making and streamline the buying process. Retailers could also use the technology to offer customized promotions or recommendations based on the customer's shopping history and preferences, further enhancing the retail experience and potentially increasing sales.

Enhanced sports viewing

The headset could significantly amplify the thrill of live sports events. Through AR, fans could access real-time player statistics, historical performance data, and play-by-play analysis overlaid on their field of view. For instance, while watching a basketball game, viewers could see a player's current game stats, season averages, or even their career highlights. This added layer of information would make viewing more engaging and informative, providing a deeper understanding of the game and the performance of individual players.

Interactive concert experiences

The Apple Reality Pro headset could transform concerts into immersive and interactive experiences. Attendees could see real-time song lyrics, artist trivia, and album details, all overlaid on their field of view. Visual effects synced with the music could further enhance the concert atmosphere. For instance, during a song's emotional crescendo, the headset could simulate a light show or visual patterns. This would not only make concerts more memorable but also help attendees feel more connected to the artist and their music. Every fan could have a personalized experience.

Augmented reality hiking

For nature enthusiasts and history buffs, the headset could offer an enriched touring experience. As users explore natural parks or reserves, the headset could project lifelike, AR-based images of extinct or endangered animals in their original habitats, accompanied by audio or text narratives about the animals' history, characteristics, and reasons for their current status. For instance, while strolling through a park, users could see a virtual Dodo bird in its former habitat, learn about its characteristics, and understand the reasons behind its extinction. This immersive and educational experience would not only engage users but also raise awareness about the importance of conservation efforts.

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