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Nomtek is a world-class Magic Leap development partner.

We have both experience and confidence. Using our expertise, we create top augmented and mixed reality solutions. Our passion for XR development and design drives us towards innovation.

We build Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to help you understand mixed reality technologies and the opportunities for your business.

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Our XR & AR development tech stack_

We bring mixed and augmented reality solutions to life with these technologies:


Many C++ libraries are successfully used in augmented reality development.

Magic Script

We use this technology to build realistic Magic Leap experiences.


Created by experts from Google, ARCore is an acclaimed augmented reality development kit.


Need an AR experience for Apple devices? We can create it with ARkit.


Our experience with the best 3D engines on the market allows us to create top-notch mixed reality solutions.

We work with top brands_

Augmented Reality

HyperloopTT is a US-based company developing a high-speed transportation system conceptualized by Elon Musk. The company partnered with Nomtek to create an augmented reality (AR) product presentation for a press conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Why choose nomtek for your mixed reality project_

+11 years of experience

We know our job. Have a look at our software development portfolio and see for yourself!

End-to-end skills

We have all AR and XR development skills under one roof, from workshops and product design to development and QA testing.

No bullshit development

We don't care about how many lines of code we created. We care about business outcomes, only.

We offer a full software development lifecycle_


Product Strategy

Nomtek has delivered over 200 apps so far. We believe that workshops and collaboration are the best way to find the product-market fit. Our offer covers product design sprints, scoping sessions, and UX audits if you already have a product.


Product Design

We believe in human-centered design. Our design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration. This way, we can create a consistent and intuitive mobile augmented reality experience.


Product Development

Augmented reality app development brings the best results when we work closely with our clients. Scrum methods allow for better communication and fast validation. We test and improve rapidly to deliver the best software possible.


Product Management

You can be a product owner and know your product inside and out, but you still need a person to manage the backlog and the team. This is where our product managers can help you out.


Product QA Testing

AR and XR development is never complete without testing! Our QA engineers are the keepers of high quality. To make sure that your product is flawless, we take care of automated and manual QA testing.


XR and AR development reviews_

Rob Miller
"They’re one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with."
Rob Miller
Rania Kim
"It's been a dream to work with such a talented team of people at nomtek"
Rania Kim
Music Artist & Creative Director
Fenton Hughes
"They are client-focused, reliable, and competent."
Fenton Hughes
Product & Brand Manager

Why Us?


+10 years of experience

We have been in business for years, and we have successfully delivered over 200 projects - we know our job.


Cross-functional skills

We have all the required skills under one roof, from product workshops, product design & development, to QA testing.



We are your agile, on-demand team who stay focused on software delivery to help you achieve your goals and KPI's on time.

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XR and AR development:
frequently asked questions

Are augmented reality and virtual reality the same?

They’re very similar, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Let’s say that reality is on the left side on the spectrum and virtual reality is on the right side. Augmented reality is located closer to the real world, while mixed reality is more on the right side of the spectrum, closer to virtual reality. 

For instance, imagine you’re outside in your garden, and you’re wearing your AR glasses. If you see 3D characters in the garden, it’s augmented reality. However, if you can access another location within the garden, e.g., a separate room, this is closed to mixed reality. Hope that’s clearer now!

How can augmented reality be used in business?

There are plenty of practical applications, including:

  • Training and onboarding – Top tier companies like NASA, Boeing, Bosch, and ThyssenKrupp are all using augmented reality solutions to train their employees. 
  • Quality control – The quality assurance professionals can turn to AR resources and make sure that the products meet all the standards.
  • Design – AR solutions make it easier for designers to visualize their ideas and render 3D products.
  • Sales – Augmented and mixed reality solutions can be used for product demos.

The ones listed above are just some of the most popular examples. Got something else in mind? Let us know – we love a good challenge.

Which industries benefit from augmented and mixed reality technologies?

If we say that creativity is the only limit, it won’t be far from the truth. Even if you won’t find your industry on the list below, it doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the power of augmented reality. If you have an idea in mind, let us know and we’ll see what we can create together.

Some of the industries that often use AR solutions include:

  • Real estate and interior design – Augmented (and mixed) reality help real estate developers and interior designers showcase their creations.
  • Tourism and navigation – For instance, Google Maps uses AR solutions to help tourists get around when they’re in a new city.
  • Education – With AR, students can learn more about virtually any subject, from biology to engineering.
  • Healthcare – AR applications are used to train doctors, diagnose patients and perform surgery.

How to choose the right augmented reality development company?

When choosing an augmented reality development company to work with, it pays off to remember about these things:

  • Check the company’s AR portfolio – What have they created so far? Do they have any big names in their portfolio? It’s also good to see if they’re experienced with your industry, although it’s not essential to create a successful AR application together.
  • Ask if the company runs product workshops – This way, you’re much more likely to come up with a well-suited AR or XR solution.
  • Decide on a collaboration model – Would you like to outsource the whole process, or maybe you’re interested in staff augmentation? The second option might be a better pick if you already have some AR talent on board but it’s not enough to develop the whole product.

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