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Scene of Iphone Mockups displaying range of Nomtek mobile app designs

Engaging products rely on human-centered designs. Focusing the design on the audience creates a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Engaging products rely on human-centered
designs. Delight your audience with
a consistent and intuitive user interface.

People-focused product design_

Illustration of a flower with a yellow star on top

Define your goals and check the technical viability of your idea.

Illustration of a man inside the magnifying glass

Narrow down your vision and create the product with senior designers and developers.

Illustration of a computer with a yellow star on top

See how your product can look and feel through clickable prototypes and animations.

Grab your customer's attention with sleek designs
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Feedback loops_

Continuous user feedback lets us refine the design and match it to user needs. We optimize design iteration with feedback loop tools.


Lookback is a video research platform that lets us see how people are using the product. Data-based user research ensures the design moves in the right direction.

Internal design critique workshops

During critique sessions, we evaluate design suggestions. Critique sessions inspire creativity and help us refine ideas.

Face-to-face meetings with users

Talking with potential users generates unique insights. By observing how users interact with the design, we create people-focused experiences

Captivate your audience_


Sleek UI design

Great designs can simplify even the most complex product ideas. Clean and intuitive UI helps people swiftly navigate through your app. Attract users and capture their attention through positive UX. Delighted users are more likely to stay with your product long-term.


Impeccable interface

The greatest mobile pleasure lies in smooth pixels. At nomtek, we follow the latest trends and best practices to create aesthetic user interfaces. Details are an inherent part of the decision-making process.


Dazzling visuals

Strong visuals create memorable experiences. We’ll prepare graphics crafted to your product needs. Use unique graphics to improve conversion rates.Product design is where your idea becomes visual and tangible.

Mockup showing screens during wireframing stageMockup showing screens during high-fidelity stage

click to see click to see click to see

A phone mockup showing program page from the mobile app

Wireframes & Mockups

Wireframes and mockups are graphic representations of your product that help you get a better idea of how it will look. Wireframes outline the app’s context. Mockups are a high-fidelity representation of the product, with defined color schemes, typography, and UI elements.

Clickable Prototypes

A prototype adds a layer of interactivity to a high-fidelity mockup. Prototypes are a handy tool to collect feedback from test users on interactions and user experience.

A phone mockup showing plan page from the mobile app
A mockup showing different screens from design system specs

Design Systems

A design system is a collection of typography rules, UI components, icons, and other visuals of your brand. Design systems increase development speed, ensure alignment between teams, and help maintain a consistent user experience.

Build your product with a design-driven mindset
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Product Design Workshops Product Design Workshops Product Design Workshops

Product Design Workshops Product Design Workshops Product Design Workshops

Chisel out your vision

We also offer product design workshops. Workshops help you narrow down the vision for your product.

Product design workshops cut the time necessary to flesh out your product idea. Instead of months, you can click through an interactive prototype in one to two weeks.

Discover new opportunities in existing products

A product design workshop doesn’t work only for new products. For example, you can use it to see what’s necessary for an MVP when you build it based on a very complex website.

During workshops, you can check if the size of your MVP scope is right or if it should be shortened.

Analyze the business opportunity

Product design workshops can help you verify if there’s a business opportunity in your idea. Consider the monetization strategy and business plan. In other words, analyze if you’re able to deliver your service or product and stay on the market.

Workshops let you gain more certainty in your vision. They can also help make a decision to abandon your idea if it’s not viable.

Product Design Workshops_

Ideally, the workshops last 3 days. This time lets us explore your idea thoroughly and create all design materials.

During product design, you will:

Illustration of a man inside the magnifying glass

Learn more about your product and target audience

Illustration of a bowl with some liquid inside

Perform technical modeling to see how complex the business logic is

Illustration of a forest road with a yellow star at the end of the road

Create user journey maps to see the user flow and scenarios

Illustration of the document with coding brackets and a dollar sign pinned to it

Build a prioritization chart to refine the feature scope for the first version of the app

Each product design workshop is adapted to a specific project so there’s no universal agenda.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive all the materials and a cost estimate with a time frame projection.

  • Wireframes, clickable Figma prototypes
  • MVP scope (backlog)
  • Cost estimate and time frame projection
Cooperation options:
  • Remote and semi-asynchronous form — we brainstorm and then discuss the results with you.
  • On-site approach and synchronous form — we sit together and explore your product in real time.
Create a competitive advantage from the get-go
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Our projects_

a 3D view of a package seen through a mobile phone
AR Smart Packaging for E-Commerce

AR Smart Packaging is an augmented reality project we did for Gebraucht to help the company improve the selling process in their mobile commerce application.

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a screen with vokabeltrainer app features
Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer

Langenscheidt is a renowned language learning publisher, with decades of experience in the industry. We partnered with Langenscheidt to build a vocabulary training app that helps learn languages more effectively.

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two screenshots from the gebraught mobile app
E-Commerce came up with an idea to offer customers a better way to sell used goods. We worked with Gebraucht to help the company build an m-commerce shopping application.

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a screenshot of the map feature and booking option

BEAT81 is a German-based fitness company that offers local training sessions. We worked with BEAT81 to build a mobile app where users can book workouts across multiple locations in big cities.

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