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We help companies create mobile apps and AR/VR products that people love and come back to.

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Rapid Application Development

Deliver meaningful products quickly, even two to six times faster. Focus on developing key features for data-based validation and better decisions. The solutions we build respond to real-world market demands.

Senior-Level Professionals

Work with highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality solutions. Our seniors with 10+ years' experience bring consistent work ethic to every project, ensuring reliable, long-lasting results.

Honest Recommendations

Collaborate with a team who’s driven by results, not billing. We’re committed to giving honest project advice using analytics and extensive product experience. Navigate a downturn market with highly engaged teams.

Case Studies

Supporting companies in becoming category leaders. We deliver full-cycle solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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app screen Lighticians
app screen Lighticians
app screen Lighticians
Mobile Development


Redesigning a remote light control app for better control of lights on video sets

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a woman stretching her arms
a woman stretching her arms
a woman stretching her arms
Mobile Development


Building a mobile app for heart-rate based trainings during group and solo workouts

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a person with a headset
a person with a headset
a person with a headset
Augmented Reality


Designing an interactive AR game for a futuristic entertainment venue in Las Vegas: AREA15

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trip planning toll app screen Uproad
trip planning toll app screen Uproad
trip planning toll app screen Uproad
Mobile Development


Creating a toll app to help drivers better manage their trips

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Ricardo shopping app screen
Ricardo shopping app screen
Ricardo shopping app screen
Mobile Development


Helping the product team rework the app’s tech stack and release faster with a high-delivery setup

Core Services

We provide foundational support necessary for your project's success. Understanding key objectives, nomtek has essential know-how to release lasting products.

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Strategy & Product Definition

Leverage data-driven insights and experimentation to create an iterative roadmap for your digital product. Ensure alignment with market trends and user preferences while optimizing for scalability and long-term success.

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Product Design

Create intuitive and user-centered interfaces and experiences that support your business goals. We focus on delivering designs that are easy to navigate and drive user engagement.

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Mobile App Development

Build custom mobile apps designed to resonate with your audience. From idea to post-launch maintenance, we provide comprehensive product development services. Our expertise spans across various platforms and technologies so that your app performs well on all devices.

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AR/VR Product Development

Craft immersive AR and VR experiences for devices best suited for the job. We assist you with every step, from 3D modeling to performance optimization. Leveraging the latest advancements in immersive technologies, we build captivating products that inspire and innovate.

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Multi-Platform Development

Go beyond iOS and Android and develop your product for web, mobile, and desktop from a single codebase. Enjoy our all-in-one development solution to save time, reduce costs, and streamline the deployment process across multiple platforms.

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Exploring product ideas with the focus on end-users, we consistently deliver quality work. Experts across industries have recognized us for our great collaborations.

MAD Interior Design

2023 Finalist

Auggie Awards Finalist

Best Snapdragon Spaces App for Stickies XR

Top 1000 Companies

Clutch Global 2022

Flutter Consultants


The Impact

Pursuing great partnerships, we’ve helped companies propel their products to success. Our teams work with your internal resources to bring collaborative value at every step of the whole product development cycle.


Mobile native products, cross-platform apps, and AR/VR products shipped.


Senior designers and developers supported by dedicated product managers.


Successful funding rounds for innovative startups.


Active users of a single over the years.

"The nomtek team is very passionate about their work. I had the feeling that they made our mission their mission, clearly identifying with what we trying to deliver. The initial feedback from the users is extremely positive. Even our pen-test team was surprised!"

Holger Rohden, Program Manager at Siemens Healthineers
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