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At LABS, we look at technology through the lens of enablement
— given enough data, technology can solve every problem.

Hungry and restless, we hunt for data and new opportunities
to remodel established processes into fresh perspectives.

We pair our flair for technology with a creative approach to validating business assumptions.

Research and development

R&D is a constant pursuit of innovation that helps companies stay sharp in a competitive market. At nomtek, we explore the emerging technologies that are on the path to mainstream adoption.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are getting more sophisticated, revealing use cases in an increasing number of sectors and industries.

Working with AR and AI — especially in projects where these technologies merge — lets us experiment and tap into the still unmet user needs.

And have fun while doing so.

Evaluate your idea

In-house R&D projects gave us the know-how for fast prototyping and
comprehensive idea validation. Our team will help you discover if an
emerging technology is a viable business opportunity.

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Melanoma Spotter

Computer vision
Object detection

Our goal for building Melanoma Spotter was to train artificial intelligence algorithms to detect skin imperfections, especially melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.

While a physical examination is the safest and surest way to detect worrisome changes on the skin, affordable and accessible diagnostic tools might urge individuals to schedule an appointment sooner.

Melanoma detected early has a 99% five-year survival rate.

melanoma spotter app screen mockup

Lego AR


Lego AR is an augmented reality instruction for building Lego projects. In this experiment, we wanted to train a neural network model to recognize different Lego bricks.

Lego AR was a relatively fast project, but the prototype we’ve built still delivered impressive results and revealed issues that possible future extensions of the project would have to overcome to be a viable solution as a mobile application.

lego bricks identified by ai



RefinedAR is our solution to help furniture store owners sell their merchandise more effectively. 3D product visualizations that render directly in the customer’s space enhance user experience.

Our assumption for RefinedAR was to create a tool that integrates easily with any website and e-commerce shop. Analytics generated by RefinedAR would let business owners measure customer engagement and the impact of 3D model visualization on sales.

The solution is simple and doesn’t require the customer to install additional apps — the model renders via a mobile web browser and displays on the user’s screen.

yellow chair in bright living room

Remote Assist App


Remote Assist App is a comprehensive solution for virtual troubleshooting across industries. The app fits into contexts where on-premise technicians aren’t available, or where on-site service is costly.

A convenient way to solve complex problems, Remote Assist App supports users through visual and audio modes. Using augmented reality, the app lets the consultant point to specific elements in the user’s environment. Consultants can guide users through tasks ranging from repairing highly specialized machinery to tapping a keg.

Remote Assist App handles multiple video connections and can be implemented in help desks to improve troubleshooting through greater immersion.

For the nitty-gritty of the project, read the Remote Assist App case study.

"Iteration before perfection is our long-held mantra. We work on prototypes that support our partners in exploring new opportunities with technology."
Experimenting with budding but promising technologies and frameworks is the key to predicting how they might affect sectors and industries of the future.
Łukasz Kincel, Innovation Manager at nomtek

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