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Apple Vision Pro Use Cases — Analyzing Business Contexts

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Committed to reshaping how we interact with digital space and physical environment, Apple has reportedly sold all of the initial stock of its spatial computing devices, an estimated 200,000 units. In this post, we will describe some of the possible Apple Vision Pro application ideas, curated to show what the device is capable of across industries. From enriched customer experiences in shopping and entertainment to transformed training and operational processes in sectors, let’s explore how today's increasingly sophisticated immersive technology paves the way for clever engagement opportunities and new workflows.

Narrowing Down the Features — Idea Workshops

To analyze what’s possible with Apple Vision Pro, we organized workshops with product managers, designers, and developers. We started with looking at the features list of the spatial computer. Then we had an intense brainstorming session matching the features with product ideas in different industries such as healthcare, entertainment, education, sports, real estate, and retail. Our team came up with over 60 ideas, ranging from practical solutions to visionary concepts that redefine AR and VR capabilities. From these, we distilled 40 broad spectrum ideas that deserved deeper investigation for their feasibility, innovation, and market impact. Ultimately, 12 refined app concepts emerged, designed to harness the immersive features of the Apple Vision Pro.

To further validate these 12 app ideas, we analyzed their technical requirements, market viability, and business potential. This comprehensive approach aims to leverage AR and VR technologies to meet actual user needs and engage them effectively. And while most of the use cases are feasible, their business viability might require the next generation of Apple Vision Pro, rumored to be released in late 2025. This gives companies a long runway to explore product ideas and test adoption and engagement.

Apple Vision Pro Opportunities

As an innovative spatial operating system, Apple Vision Pro offers various industries and segments new opportunities. We've prepared a conceptual collection of spatial products to showcase the device’s capabilities and our engineering skills. This collection is designed to inspire and provoke interest, encouraging businesses to consider the benefits of integrating the Apple Vision Pro platform into their operations.

AR board gaming

AR board gaming merges VR/AR technologies with a traditional board game. The Apple VR headset can convert most board games into a fully immersive and interactive experience for both in-person and remote playing. The idea is to unify digital and the physical using customizable avatars, giving gamers dynamic gameplay mechanics driven by advancements in gaze and hand-tracking interactions.

people playing an immersive board game
AR board gaming experience. Source: Midjourney

Augmented reality board gaming bridges geographical gaps, letting friends play without being physically present. It’s also opening unlimited new opportunities for the game publishers to monetize their franchises through content expansion delivered to a new audience.

AR wardrobe fitting

The basic idea of AR wardrobe fitting was to create an augmented reality app for furniture shopping, with a focus on creating a highly personalized customer experience.

a view of a room with a digital closet
Augmented reality-powered wardrobe fitting app concept. Source: Midjourney

Packing lots of customization options, AR wardrobe fitting lets customers see and customize furniture in their physical space and choose what they like best. Furniture fitting happens without the customer having to measure anything in reality or go to the shop. The application could help producers improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of returns.

Virtual real estate tours

The virtual real estate tour application concept, aimed at addressing the challenges faced by potential homebuyers such as rising real estate prices and busy schedules, introduces a solution leveraging VR technologies. The app allows for remote property demonstrations, saving time and travel expenses, and offering clients the chance to visualize not-yet-built homes.

three people viewing a property in headsets
Virtual real estate tours on Apple Vision Pro. Source: Midjourney

Utilizing features like spatial audio, motion tracking, and immersive 3D visualizations, the VR tours offer interactive experiences that traditional flat-screen presentations lack. Real estate brokers can cater to new client segments, understand client preferences better, and provide a more informed property viewing experience. Immersive technologies have been powering the real estate industry for years, transforming the sector by enhancing client decision-making and offering new revenue streams for property developers.

Immersive VR indoor cycling

This app idea for Apple Vision pro leverages virtual reality to transform indoor cycling into an immersive, customizable experience for cycling training. VR indoor cycling can be used by cyclists of all levels, from amateur to professional. With high-definition visuals, surround audio, and realistic race day conditions, users can simulate a variety of training options. The app could also be paired with Apple Watch and iPhone for training suggestions and performance analysis.

a woman with a headset cycling in mixed reality
VR indoor cycling simulator app concept for Apple Vision Pro. Source: Midjourn

Video game-style interaction with 3D avatars and real-time performance tracking further enhance the workout. Aside from boosting engagement, social interaction, and effectiveness in training, VR indoor cycling can also be explored as a new revenue stream and customer analysis for manufacturers of cycling gear.

Augmented neurosurgery

Augmented neurosurgery is a concept in VR technology supporting health professionals in the field of neurosurgery. The solution simulates brain surgery via high-fidelity surgical simulators, including spatial data visualization, real-time context intelligence, and hands-free app control.

surgeons watching a 3D brain surgery
Augmented reality and Apple Vision Pro can improve medical training and surgery planning. Source: Midjourney

With augmented neurosurgery for Apple Vision Pro, medical students and surgeons can develop their skills in medical training, enhance patient security, and improve surgical planning. Medical equipment manufacturers can also leverage augmented reality to teach staff how to use life-saving equipment and perform emergency repairs.

Farm Everywhere

Farm Everywhere is a suite of VR and AR applications that could revolutionize agriculture with the use of smart farming technologies. These applications would offer intuitive interaction, optimize data presentation, and introduce smart precision farming on equipment and by way of data simulation.

Smart precision AR farming showcases a new way of estimating crops. Source: Midjourney

The idea combines the immersive qualities of Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing features with advanced internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Farmers could get real-time machine operation capabilities for remote farming equipment. Also, Apple Vision Pro could provide insights within specific contexts on fields about crops estimation and various aspects of soil quality. Farm Everywhere t is designed to improve the efficiency and safety features for the farmer while offering manufacturers of equipment value through training and remote support solutions.

VR car configurator

The VR car configurator brings virtual reality into the car-buying journey, giving customers an immersive platform where they can visualize and design the vehicle they want to buy. The spatial computing application offers prospective buyers an opportunity to customize options, including painting, interior options, and add-ons.

a visualization of a car with digital elements
Virtual reality car configurator for greater customer engagement. Source: Midjourney

For car manufacturers, a VR car configurator could help customer experience, easing the decision process.

Immersive motorsport

The immersive motorsport app idea harnesses AR technology to address challenges in the motorsport industry, like maintaining viewer interest and attracting younger demographics. By offering immersive experiences, it aims to enhance live viewing and secure the industry's future in sports entertainment.

a person watching a motorsport event in a headset
Immersive motorsport applications can give fans a new level of data visualization. Source: Midjourney

The Apple Vision Pro application could support advanced live streaming, 3D rendering, and world recognition, enhancing the fan experience and creating new revenue and sponsorship opportunities. Features include multi-view screens, various viewing angles, race archives, virtual simulations, real-time statistics, and 3D-rich materials.

Augmented reality concerts

Augmented reality concerts introduce an innovative approach to streaming digital content and live concerts. With immersive technologies, users could share the virtual space to participate in a bonding experience.

teenagers wearing headsets in a colorful room
AR concerts can revolutionize streaming. Source: Midjourney

Aside from letting the audience enjoy the performance, this Apple Vision Pro app could add another layer of engagement for fans. By letting users explore 3D environments with spatial audio, augmented reality concerts can help studios reach a broader audience anywhere in the world.

Luxury watches try-on visualization 

The luxury watches try-on visualization is the application of VR and AR technologies to provide a virtual showroom experience meant exclusively for luxury watch manufacturers.

a hand with a luxury watch
Virtual try-ons can help improve brand engagement. Source: Midjourney

The showcase app lets customers try on watches and play with a number of customizations. For luxury brands, a virtual try on could improve the shopping experience and open the door to a new, younger audience that uses immersive technologies often.

DIY appliance servicing in AR

This AR app concept for the Apple Vision Pro headset aims to empower homeowners to troubleshoot and repair home appliances on their own. It utilizes AR to overlay digital instructions, allows hands-free interaction, and supports remote expert communication.

a woman fixing a lawn mower
DIY appliance servicing in augmented reality. Source: Midjourney

With the growing home appliance market, this app could reduce manufacturers' support costs and improve brand loyalty with simple DIY repair guidance that uses 3D models for better understanding.

Immersive class

The immersive class app concept, intended for the Apple Vision Pro, is designed to enhance education through AR and VR. Classes where spatial technologies are leveraged could offer students an immersive 3D environment that improves learning through interactive virtual objects and collaborative experiences.

a classroom of students learning in mixed reality
3D visualization is an effective way to aid comprehension and knowledge retention. Source: Midjourney

The application has the potential to make learning more engaging, accessible, and effective by visualizing complex data and processes in simpler ways via unparalleled viewing experience.

Capture the Opportunity Early

While the above use cases are still application concepts, they show the potential of Apple Vision Pro and the opportunity that lies in early adoption of immersive technologies. Along with the sophistication of the next generation of Apple Vision Pro, capturing these opportunities can help companies remain competitive. Validating and refining ideas early creates an advantage that later translates into claiming a greater chunk of the market.

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